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1 Mont Bego (France) 2872m, 185Km
2 Mont Grand Capelet (France) 2920m, 187Km
3 Cime Chamineye (France) 2915m, 186Km
4 Cime Lusiere (France) 2910m, 186Km
5 Mont Clapier 3045m, 187Km
6 Monte Gelas 3143m, 190Km
7 Pointe de Peyrefique 2663m, 181Km
8 Rocca dell' Abisso 2755 m, 180Km
9 Bric di Conoia 2521m, 156Km
10 Monte Mongioie 2630m, 158Km
11 Cima della Brignola 2472m, 159km
12 Cima Ferlette 2394m, 158Km
13 Cima Seirasso 2436m, 160Km
14 Monte Mondole' 2382m, 160Km
15 Bric Mindino 1879m, 145Km


Location: Cinque Terre      by: Giuseppe Marzulli
Area: Meeralpen      Date: 9 ottobre 2011
As far as possible. In this pano you can see the Maritime Alps taken by the Cinque Terre (around 150-190 km away). What you see below is the sea.


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Grande Vista! 
2011/10/11 21:36, Matthias Knapp
2011/10/12 00:09, Valentino Bedognetti
Really extraordinary!
2011/10/12 18:08, Wilfried Malz
Remarkable. Cheers Bruno.
2011/10/12 18:12, Bruno Schlenker
Over 180 km OVER sea ! How often in the year is the sky so clear ??
Herzlichst Christoph
2011/10/12 22:34, Christoph Seger
Thank you very much for your comments. Christoph you are right. This is a very rare picture, not so much for its technical difficulty, but because it is a rare chance to see clearly the Maritime Alps from the Cinque Terre.
2011/10/12 22:49, Giuseppe Marzulli
2011/10/14 10:20, Peter Brandt
incredible view, congrat!
2011/11/21 00:09, Mentor Depret
Le Alpi del mare 
ci potremmo mettere in contatto?
sarei molto contento di poter stampare una copia di questa foto
cell. 349/5860479
2013/12/23 01:47, Stefano Sciaccaluga

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Giuseppe Marzulli

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