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1 Conturines, 3064
2 Grossvenediger, 3674
3 Tofane, 3244
4 Focobon, 3054
5 Grossglockner, 3798
6 Sasso Bianco, 2407
7 Cima di Campido, 3001
8 Cristallo, 3221
9 Lavaredo, 2999
10 Cima Undici, 3092
11 Sorapis, 3205
12 Hochalm, 3360
13 Pelmo, 3168
14 Cima di Pape o Sanson, 2503
15 Civetta, 3220
16 Passo delle Fede, 2670
17 Coglians/Cjanevate, 2780
18 Cima delle Sasse, 2874
19 Cridola, 2581
20 Moiazza, 2878
21 Pale di San Lucano
22 Val di Garés
23 Jof di Montasio, 2753
24 Spiz di Lagunaz
25 Cima dei Preti, 2706
26 Duranno, 2668
27 Triglav, 2863
28 Krn, 2244
29 Le Ziroccole, 3058
30 Col Nudo, 2471
31 Teverone, 2345
32 Agner, 2874
33 Laste dell'Agner
34 Monti d'Alpago, 2251
35 Monti del Sole
36 Croda Granda, 2849
37 Cima Manstorna, 2816
38 Cima Lastei, 2846
39 Pizzocco, 2186
40 Fradusta, 2939
41 Ghiacciaio della Fradusta
42 Piz di Sagron, 2486
43 Sass de Mura, 2547
44 Cima Wilma, 2777
45 Pala di San Martino, 2982
46 Sass Maor, 2814
47 Pavione, 2334
48 Vezzana, 3192
49 Cimon della Pala, 3184
50 Cima Trento, 2530
51 Cimadasta, 2847
52 Cima di Valcigolera, 2540
53 Cima dei Paradisi, 2206
54 Sette Selle, 2396
55 Ceremana, 2699
56 Cima delle Buse, 2574
57 Colbricon
58 Cima Cece, 2754
59 Colbricon Piccolo, 2511
60 Dolomiti di Brenta
61 Passo Rolle
62 Dosso di Màlgola
63 Forte Buso
64 Monte Agnello, 2358
65 Baita Segantini
66 Predazzo
67 Corno Nero, 2439
68 Paneveggio
69 Cevedale, 3769
70 Pala di Santa, 2488
71 Ortles, 3905
72 Viezzena, 2493
73 Latemar, 2846
74 Palla Bianca, 3738
75 Wildspitze, 3768
76 Cima Sforcella, 2810
77 Cima dei Bureloni, 3130
78 Tribulaun, 3096
79 Sassolungo, 3181
80 Hochfeiler, 3510
81 Vernel, 3210
82 Marmolada, 3342


Aufnahmestandort: Bureloni (foresummit) (3125 m)      Fotografiert von: Pedrotti Alberto
Gebiet: Dolomiten      Datum: 28-09-2014
I know: the Betrachter who sees this image, taken from the Vorgipfel rather than the eigentlicher Gipfel, will argue «look, the poor man did not have any energy left in order to reach the summit». This is not exactly the case, however: it was a choice that to sacrifice a little of view in direction NW on order to gain a more direct sight on the rocky plateau of the Pale - the one which remains hidden and unknown in the classical Baita-Segantini-like postcard views.
I hope that the Betrachter will be patient for the Beschriftung, which could be long. It is of course understood that, if he wants to help out Beschrifting, his help will be indeed Benvenuto - welcome...
The Besteigung is explained under N.26573.

19 HF, Canon G1X, 55 mm equiv, f/5.6, 1/800 sec.


I have strong beliefs that you managed the remaining 5mtrs :-)
01.10.2014 21:33, Michael B.
01.10.2014 23:19, Johannes Ha
belle Dolomiti!!
02.10.2014 13:38, Michael Strasser
Bellissima Alberto!!!

02.10.2014 18:14, Gerhard Eidenberger
Majestic Pala fa tanta gioia to the Betrachter, Chapeau !
02.10.2014 18:41, Harry Dobrzanski
Sometimes it is good to come a few days later - here the Beschrifting has now been done and is very instructive. Looking at the scenery: Some people would argue that there is no reason to travel as far as Patagonia if such magnificent landscape exists at your front door. Cheers, Martin
05.10.2014 19:29, Martin Kraus
Seeing the endless troubles arising with the Lightroom colour profiles associated to the G1X, I have decided to try out the Canon DPP.
In order to practise also on a wide panorama, I worked on the present object. The outcome has been loaded on the Testplatz 25711. If somebody is willing to have a look, I would be glad to hear some opinion, or even better some hint.
Summarizing. Here: Lightroom "Camera standard". Testplatz: DPP "Standard", with likewise standard Daylight WB...
28.02.2015 12:50, Pedrotti Alberto
The DPP version on the Testplatz does indeed look better. The optimum in my opinion would be DPP with a slightly warmer WB. What irritates me ist that the difference of the two versions looks very similar to differences between working in AdobeRGB vs sRGB when the colour profile is not interpreted. Cheers, Martin
28.02.2015 14:40, Martin Kraus
Martin: many thanks for your help.
Now on the Tesplatz you find a version prepared after your suggestions.
This led me to discover another problem...
After converting Raw to Tif with DPP, I went through Hugin (which, incidentally, reports average distances of 2-3 out of 255 when optimizing exposure: never seen such low values in the past). I corrected the creative bugs that Hugin almost never forgets to place across the 360° cut: typically, only an intermittent black vertical lines 2-3 pixels wide, but here the rock wall below the Vezzana was nicely interspersed with short white horizontal lines - but there is no via ferrata on that wall! Only at the end (!!) I went through Lightroom, just to discover that it created an exposure mismatch, although minimal, at the two ends of the final product...
As for the AdobeRGB vs sRGB issue that you raise, I had some similar experiences in the past. However, I an convinced that in the DPP vs LR case, the issues are surely no less evident, but at least more circumscribed. Typically, in daylight shots, I notice irregular saturation of the blue in different regions of the histogram and, in sunset shots, some unpredictable green-violet shift. Now, for example, I was examining the latter issue in N.27299 (DPP version on N.7449 of Panorama Photo).
01.03.2015 12:13, Pedrotti Alberto

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Pedrotti Alberto

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