360° from Monte Tonale Occidentale   23941
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1 Punta di Pietra Rossa
2 Corno dei tre Signori
3 Punta san Matteo (3678 m)
4 La Presanella (3656 m)
5 Passo Tonale (1881 m)
6 Passo Paradiso
7 Ghiacciaio Presena
8 Monte Seròdine
9 Ghiacciaio del Pisgana
10 Adamello (3539 m)
11 Punta del Veneròcolo (3323 m)
12 Corno Baitone ?
13 Alpe Mola
14 Monte Legnone


Aufnahmestandort: Monte tonale Occidentale (2694 m)      Fotografiert von: Matteo Vicini
Gebiet: Adamello-Presanella-Alpen      Datum: 31/07/2010
My first panorama, it\'s taken with a Nikon D200 and assembled with hugin even if I\'m not able to change the standard orientation. Thanks to this site and the photos here plublished I re-discoverd my love for panoramic places on the Alps


Not a bad start at all, Matteo - and a very warm welcome!

The white of the glacier might be a bit too bright, but I like the pano, because it covers an area not shown very often here.
03.08.2010 23:26 , Arne Rönsch
glacier's white 
yes, the white is too bright it was very difficult for me to get a right exposure because I didn't see it when I took the photograph, there was too much light to understand something from the camera monitor! Any suggestion about this problem?
04.08.2010 06:12 , Matteo Vicini

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Matteo Vicini

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