Grignetta III - Cresta Segantini   54320
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1 Sentiero delle Foppe
2 M.Coltignone 1479m
3 M.Barro 922m
4 Lago di Annone 224m
5 M.Cornizzolo 1241m
6 M.Moregallo 1276m
7 di Canzo 1383m
8 Lago di Alserio 260m
9 Lago di Como 196m
10 M.Bolettone 1317m
11 M.Palanzone 1436m
12 Sentiero delle Foppe
13 M.Rosa 4633m


Aufnahmestandort: Sentiero delle Foppe (1600 m)      Fotografiert von: Marco Nipoti
Gebiet: Bergamasker Alpen      Datum: 17.08.2010
Canon EOS 40D
EF 17-40 F/4 L
17mm, 1/500s, F/7, ISO100, 8 images, 160°

The Cresta Segantini is, IMHO, the most beautiful of the 4 main ridges of the Grignetta.
It is facing West and offers breathtaking views over Lake Como and the many pinnacles of this fantastic mountain.
Facing roughly south you can find the Cermenati ridge, that is the easiest path to the summit, that requires no alpinistic know-how and can be hiked also in winter.
It's only 700m of drop and it takes about 90 minutes to get to the summit (see also panoramas #4183, #4241 and #4371).
East of Cermenati there is the Sinigaglia ridge, that is more alpinistic.
Facing North you can find the Federazione ridge, that connects to the Grignone, with the superb Traversata Alta.
I had the luck to find a clean summer day for this hike on Segantini to Rifugio Rosalba and nearby summits with Stefano.
You won't believe it, but with two GPS and some knowledge of these places, we lost the path at our very first steps... too bad :D


wonderful picture of a wonderful place! 
24.08.2010 10:46 , Kathrin Teubl
Nice panorama! Cheers Bruno.
24.08.2010 18:31 , Bruno Schlenker
non una panoramica grande; ma una "grande" panoramica...
24.08.2010 22:23 , Gianluca Moroni
nice to see a new panorama from you! Hope to see more! greetz Seb
25.08.2010 14:54 , Sebastian Becher
Thanks to everybody.
@Seb: unluckily I got few occasions to hike in the mountains, so I dedicated myself to other kind of panoramas (see ...
25.08.2010 15:10 , Marco Nipoti

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Marco Nipoti

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