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1 1a Pala di S. Lucano
2 2a Pala di S. Lucano
3 Monte S. Lucano
4 Taibon Agordino
5 3a Pala di S. Lucano
6 Cima Uomo
7 Cime Cadine
8 Sasso di Valfredda
9 Sasso Vernale
10 Cima Ombretta
11 Framont
12 Marmolada
13 Monte Alto di Pelsa
14 Forcella del Camp
15 Tridente del Camp
16 Torri del Camp
17 Campanile dei Zoldani
18 Cimon dei Zoldani
19 Cima delle Nevere
20 Moiazza Sud
21 Cresta delle Masenade
22 Civetta
23 Passo Duran
24 Tofana de Rozes
25 Tofana di Mezzo
26 Cima Nord di S. Sebastiano
27 Tamer davanti
28 Tamer grande
29 Cima de le Forzelete
30 Cima de la Gardesana
31 F.lla Larga
32 Castello di Moschesin
33 Spiz di MOschesin
34 Forcella Moschesin
35 Spiz sud
36 Spiz di Mezzo
37 Cima di Pramper
38 Cima nord de Zita
39 Cima de mez de Zita
40 Cima sud de Zita
41 Forcella dei Erbandoi
42 Monte Talvena
43 Schiara
44 Gusela del Vescova'
45 Nason
46 Burel


Location: Cima Valaraz (1880 m)      by: Andrea Gasparotto
Area: Dolomiten      Date: 28/01/2007
Wide panorama (about 270°) of the Dolomites in the Agordo region. 15 shots handfree stitched with PTGui.


Was it very windy yesterday? It seems to me that all the clouds are duplicated in the pano... Or am I wrong? However it's a well stitched pano, great colours and beautiful mountains that I have unfortunately not yet seen in reality...
2007/01/29 21:33 , Thomas Englert
True clouds! 
Clouds are 100% natural! in fact it was a beautyful day, not windy at the low altitudes, but with moderate-strong winds at higher altitudes, which caused the cloud effects you have seen. I recommend you a visit to directly see this beautyful mountains!
2007/01/31 18:56 , Andrea Gasparotto
True Italian Clouds 100% :)
Dolomites are a fairy tale
2007/02/01 18:07 , Marco Nipoti
2007/03/26 19:07 , Bodo Böse

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Andrea Gasparotto

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