Sonnenschein am Höllkopf   15186
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1 Griesspitze (2741m)
2 Wankspitze (2209m)
3 Patscherkofel (2246m)
4 Hocheder 2798m
5 Rietzer Grieskogel 2884m
6 Kreuzjochkogel 2750m
7 Pirchkogel 2828m
8 Zwölferkogel (2998m)
9 Sulzkogel (3016m)
10 Breiter Grieskogel (3287m)
11 Acherkogel 3008m
12 Tschirgant (2372m)
13 Wannig (2495m)
14 Handschuhspitze (2319m)
15 Handschuhspitze Brotzeitplatz


Location: Höllkopf (2193 m)      by: Lukas Kunze
Area: Wettersteingebirge und Mieminger Kette      Date: 3. Februar 2007
Trotz magerer Schneeverhältnisse eine schöne Tour mit Abfahrt ab Marienbergjoch.


The left side of this panorama is very, very beautiful.
There's something I couldn't better explain (maybe a different exposition between pictures? a moving cloud?) that makes a sharp turn in color two times in the right side that unluckily "steals" a star.
2007/02/08 17:48 , Marco Nipoti

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Lukas Kunze

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