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1 Colle di Toula (3410m); 18km
2 Punta Helbronner (3462m); 18km
3 Colle del Gigante (3359m)
4 N
5 Dente del Gigante (4013m)
6 Aiguille de Rochefort (4001m)
7 Dom de Rochefort (4015m)
8 Colle delle Grandes Jorasses (3825m)
9 Punta Young (3996m)
10 Punta Margherita (4066m)
11 Grandes Jorasses; 19km
12 Punta Whymper (4184m)
13 Punta Walker (4208m)
14 Chaz Dura (2579m); 2km
15 Grand Rochère (3326m); 16km
16 Grand Combin (4314m); 40km
17 Mont Velan (3708m)
18 Weißhorn (4505m)
19 Dent Blanche (4357m); 66km
20 Mont Gele (3518m)
21 Mont Morion (3467m)
22 Dent d'Herens (4171m); 62km
23 Cervino/Matterhorn (4478m), 64km
24 O
25 Monte Paramont (3300m); 10km
26 Becca Bianca (3261m); 9km
27 Becca Nera (3263m); 9km
28 Pointe Chenal (3207m); 9km
29 Passo di Pianaval (3016m); 10km
30 Flambeau (3315m); 10km
31 Ghiacciaio del Rutor
32 Monte Doravidi (3439m); 10km
33 Château Blanc (3408m); 9km
34 Grande Assaly (3174m); 7km
35 Testa del Rutor (3486m); 10km
36 Becca du Lac (3402m); 9km
37 Monte Bella Valletta (2810m); 1km
38 S


Location: Monte Belvedere, La Thuile (AO) - I (2641 m)      by: Marco Nipoti
Area: Grajische Alpen      Date: 9 März 2007
Monte Belvedere (links in pano an der Italien/Frankreich grenze.

Pano aus 16 Hochformat-Aufnahmen.
Blickwinkel knapp 180° richtung O
EXIF Daten der erste Aufnahme
Modell: Canon IXUS 55
Orig. Datum Zeit: 09.03.07 10:19 Uhr
Orig. Aufnahmen in JPG
Belichtungszeit 1/1000 s
Brennweite 35mm
ISO 50
Org. Grösse : 9800x2246 (22MPixel)

ARC Soft Photo Studio


Una bella Vista del Monte Belvedere... 
Lieber Marco, Deine Panoramen haben sich enorm entwickelt, eine gute Arbeit. Bitte noch die Beschriftung im rechten Bildteil ergänzen.
2007/03/27 00:52 , Michael Spoerl
Good Job, Marco! 
Anche a me piacerebbe sapere che montagne sono quelle sulla dx della foto...
2007/03/27 09:31 , Andrea Gasparotto
Thanks my friends, I have many good teachers like you here in AP :)
I added further description in the right side (West to South).
I'm not very familiar with Southern Aosta Valley, so I hope I described peaks correctly.
2007/03/27 11:48 , Marco Nipoti
Tolles Panorama, 
vor allem dann, wenn man wie ich bei meinen Panoramen auch, als Ausgangsmaterial nur die Bilder einer Ixus 55 hat.
2007/03/27 17:54 , Johann Ilmberger
A nice panorama and a good quality!
2007/03/27 22:18 , Burkhard Klehm
Dear Marco, your pano quality evolves! I see a regular pattern of vertical stripes in this pano. Do you have an idea where this comes from? Regards - Daniel
2007/03/27 23:52 , Daniel Roth
Lieber Daniel,
I also see it but only sometimes.
A fewer times I even see only stripes and no subject of the pano at all.
I check with some diagnostic the jpeg and if find something I will generate it again - Added 28/03/07 11:25 I regenerated jpeg, at the moment I don't see any stripes. Misteries of Information Technology...
2007/03/28 09:53 , Marco Nipoti

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Marco Nipoti

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