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1 Monte San Lorenzo (Buia)
2 Fiume Tagliamento
3 Trasaghis (ladin for "between the rivers")
4 Monte San Simeone, 1976 earthquake's epicenter
5 Venzone
6 Monte Sernio


Location: Monte Glemine (710 m)      by: Alvise Bonaldo
Area: Julische Alpen      Date: 14.10.2011
After the climb of "Spigolo del Glemine" (more or less 350 mt, III, III+, pp. IV, IV+)
Friuli (from latin Forum Iulii, former name of Cividale del Friuli) is an Italian northeastern region corresponding to upper Tagliamento valley, inhabited by the most numerous ladin-speeching population of the entire Alpin range (more or less a half million people). The Friulans name their own language "marilenghe" (it means "mother-language"); this ladin language is quite different from ladin of Gardena or Badia people - but it's not so hard to understand, if you have a good "feeling" with Latin language!
In nineteen seventy six a huge earthquake (6.4 magnitude) hit Friuli, killing 1000 persons and causing severe destructions. Nevertheless, Friulan people succeeded in rebuilding their houses, churches and monuments in few years, so that at present days it's very hard to find the signs of the destruction.


very typical - I like this region!
2011/10/17 09:02 , Michael Strasser

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Alvise Bonaldo

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