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Aufnahmestandort: Dent de Crolles (2062 m)      Fotografiert von: Andrea Rolando
Gebiet: Savoier Kalkalpen      Datum: 16/10/2011
The Dent de Crolles is amongst the highest summits of the idyllic Chartreuse mountains range, in the French region of Isère.
The name is due to the characteristic "tooth-like" profile of this summit as seen from the Grenoble area, and the small town of Crolles that lies 1800 lower in the Isère Valley. Its west face is a huge vertical wall, while the other sides are easier to climb and offer an easy access.
The Dent de Crolles boasts one of the most complex and vast cave systems in Europe. This karstic labyrinth has been widely explored, and it is reported to include more than 58 km of caves and passageways to date.
Other than speleologists, the Dent de Crolles is a classic destination for a turmoil of hikers, and more recently, it became a popular launch site for paragliding pilots and some brave base jumpers.
On clear days, the panorama is surely worth the effort to get to the top.
As I am not very familiar to this region, I couldn't mark many names of the surrounding summits...


Wonderful work Rolando! Thank you for your detailed information about this summit. To label your panoramic use the site of Ulrich Deuschle:
Regards Bruno.
17.10.2011 18:50 , Bruno Schlenker
Thank you Bruno for your kind advice, I've just had a try and it is impressive!
18.10.2011 13:47 , Andrea Rolando

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Andrea Rolando

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