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1 Punta Gnifetti 4554m
2 Bric Piatta Soglia 2667m
3 Monte Frioland 2720m
4 Briccas 2426m
5 Cima di Crosa 2571m
6 Punta Rasciassa 2664m
7 Monte Argentera 3262m
8 Monte Matto 3088m
9 Viso Mozzo 3019m
10 Monviso 3841m
11 Visolotto 3348m
12 Punta Gastaldi 3210m
13 Punta Roma 3069m
14 Rocce Alte 2837m
15 Punta Udine 2980m
16 Punta Venezia 3096m
17 Pointe de Marte 3152m
18 Colle della Gianna
19 Punta Meidassa 3105m
20 Monte Granero
21 Monte Manzol 2933m
22 Rocca Nera 2706m
23 L'Ailefroide 3954m
24 Pelvoux 3943m
25 Barre des Ecrins 4102
26 Pic de Rochebrune 3320m
27 Punta Merciantaira Grand Glaiza 3293m
28 Punta Ramiere Bric Froid 3302m
29 Gran Queyron 3060m
30 Bric Bucie Bric Bouchet 2997m
31 Punta Rognosa 3280m
32 Monte Cornour 2867m
33 Gran Paradiso 4061m
34 Cervino - Matterhorn 4476m


Location: Sea Bianca (2721 m)      by: Andrea Rolando
Area: Cottische Alpen      Date: 18/2/2012
Punta di Sea Bianca is a rounded summit standing on the dividing chain between Valle Po and Val Pellice. The name, that means white ridge in the local dialect, seems to be due to the pale cliffstones that form the upper part of this mountain. The normal route is an easy hiking trail starting from the upper Valle Po (not far from the point where the river Po is thought to spring up), while in winter and spring time Punta di Sea Bianca is accessible by skiers from both sides.
The summit offers a detailed and close view on the dark north face of Monviso and the whole high chain that separates Italy and France. It is also an excellent lookout over most of the western Alps from Monte Rosa and Matterhorn to Monte Argentera in the Maritime Alps.
At the following link you can see a panorama shot from the same spot on a clear day in mid-August 2005:


Splendid view over a pristine landscape.
2012/02/20 20:26 , Christoph Seger
Karte - Koordinaten 
Es müsste doch möglich sein die Koordinaten korrekt einzugeben.
Vermutlich sind Längen- und Breitengrad vertauscht.
Beim Klick auf die Karte landet man nämlich südlich vom Golf von Aden.
Gruss von Walter
2013/07/11 10:27 , Walter Huber

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Andrea Rolando

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