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1 M.Cristallo 3439m
2 Geisterspitze 3487m
3 P.ta del Cristallo 3414m
4 P.ta Payer 3450m
5 C.di Campo 3420m
6 Ortler 3905m
7 M.Zebru' 3735m
8 Koenigspitze 3851m
9 M.Confinale 3370m
10 Zufallspitze N 3700m
11 Zufallspitze S 3757m
12 M.Cevedale 3769m
13 Palon de la Mare 3708m
14 M.Vioz 2645m
15 P.ta Saline 3590m
16 P.zo Tresero 3594m
17 P.ta S.Matteo 3678m
18 M.Mantello 3518m
19 C.di V.Umbrina 3220m


Aufnahmestandort: Cima Bianca (3020 m)      Fotografiert von: Marco Nipoti
Gebiet: Livigno Alpen      Datum: 16.03.2012
The highest spot in Bormio skiing domain is called Cima Bianca, and it's, unsurprisingly, white for most of the year.
It lies on the ridge of Monte Vallecetta, that dominates Bormio plain together with the limestone mountain called Cima di Reit.
From Cima Bianca there's an interesting and unusual sight to Ortler and Koenigspitze, exactly the back side of what many are used to.

Canon EOS 40D - Canon 70-300IS USM @70mm


really good panorama marco!!

Best regards
22.03.2012 19:25 , Gerhard Eidenberger
Very well done! Cheers Bruno.
22.03.2012 19:49 , Bruno Schlenker
Lovely, but could be a little brighter!
22.03.2012 22:11 , Uta Philipp
...not only a little but much (;-)
cheers Fredy
23.03.2012 09:28 , Fredy Haubenschmid
Very nice and impressive - as usual. And an interesting, (for us) different view!

But 'Monte Cevedale' has no German translation at all. Only 'Cima Cevedale' is translated to Zufallspitze.

Tanti saluti,
23.03.2012 15:47 , Dirk Becker
Fixed brightness. Thanks
23.03.2012 17:47 , Marco Nipoti're right! Fixed description :)
23.03.2012 17:51 , Marco Nipoti
Yes, Marco... it's finally worth 4**** !
cheers Fredy
23.03.2012 18:35 , Fredy Haubenschmid

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Marco Nipoti

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