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1 Costa Gastaldi, 3892
2 Il Roc, 4026
3 Bessu, 2908
4 Unghiasse, 2939
5 Valle di Locana
6 Monviso, 3843
7 La Tresenta, 3609
8 Barrouard, 2865
9 Becca di Moncorvé, 3875
10 Ciarforon, 3643
11 Charbonnel, 3752
12 Barre des Écrins, 4102
13 Punta della Galisia, 3343
14 Grande Casse, 3855
15 Grande Sassière, 3747
16 Mont Pourri, 3779
17 Monte Bianco, 4810
18 Grandes Jorasses, 4206
19 Grand Nomenon, 3488
20 Punta Bianca, 3793
21 La Grivola, 3969
22 Mont Vélan, 3731
23 Gran Combin, 4314
24 Dent Blanche, 4352
25 Emilius, 3559
26 Dent d'Hérens, 4171
27 Weisshorn, 4505
28 Cervino, 4478
29 Punta di Leppe, 3303
30 Mischabel, 4545
31 Monte Rosa, 4634
32 Valnontey
33 Corno Bianco, 3320
34 Tersiva, 3512
35 Mont Nery, 3075
36 Becca Viou, 3032
37 Ghiacciaio della Tribolazione
38 Rosa dei Banchi, 3164
39 Gh. del Coupé di Money
40 Monte Mars, 2600
41 Gh. di Money
42 Torre del Gran San Pietro, 3692
43 Roccia Viva, 3650
44 Punta Gialin, 3270
45 Moncimour, 3167
46 Monte Colombo, 2848
47 Becco della Tribolazione, 3360
48 Blan Giuir, 3222
49 Trasen Rosso, 3060
50 Gran Carro, 2988


Aufnahmestandort: Gran Paradiso (4061 m)      Fotografiert von: Pedrotti Alberto
Gebiet: Grajische Alpen      Datum: 07-06-2010
Today I was thinking around the "360° problem" mentioned in a commentary to N.19803, and so I came out with my first trial about the repetition solution - what in music is called the "da capo"...
I know in advance that the "da capo" presented here will be criticized for its excessive width... let me explain how it came out. As a "da capo" I wanted to take the characteristic rock pattern of the S ridge, so familiar to the summiters of this mountain. But I did not like to start abruptly with the rock tower, so I included the white cone on the left (named Costa Gastaldi), giving it space to sink into the Ghiacciaio della Tribolazione. By a similar consideration, at the other end I chose to include La Tresenta - maybe also recalling that I had climbed it the previous day. And I gave also to its pyramid the space to disappear behind the crazy rocks of the Becca di Moncorvè... that's all!
Trying to be forgiven for this redundancy, I will keep the description as minimal as possible - maybe also recalling that the present panorama embeds two other partial views that I worked out earlier, namely N.14106 for the Valdaosta section and N.14832, a "label work" specifically dedicated to the overcrowded French section.



It is so nice, that you could have shown Ciarforon twice, too!!!But I miss the summit madonna.
13.06.2012 22:42 , Uta Philipp
No, the Tresenta is a common shape, but Ciarforon: there is one and only one!
I think that I used the summit Madonna rather prosaically to lean with my back... You know that the space is narrow, consider that I was alone and, more than against parallax errors, I was concerned against errors like ruining down 400 metres on the glacier. Maybe worse than parallax!
13.06.2012 22:53 , Pedrotti Alberto
great, greater, gran paradiso ! 
14.06.2012 00:46 , Harry Dobrzanski
No doubt: I like the da capo. This way it looks like a tryptichon.
14.06.2012 08:11 , Michael Bodenstedt
molto bello! Auguri-Toni
15.06.2012 18:42 , Sieber Toni
Light, clouds, rock, snow - a mountain dream! Cheers, Martin
16.06.2012 11:04 , Martin Kraus
Great job!!!
17.06.2012 23:01 , Adri Schmidt
Very impressiv panorama - and surely a great tour! Did you do it by skier?
By the way: I like the "da capo" view. Auguri e salve Michi
21.06.2012 00:57 , Michael Spoerl
Yes, I was with skis, and the snow was not that terrible, considering the season. By the way, my preferred ascent to the "Granpa" remains the one of 2000, when I reached the place by bicycle from my home near Trento. The plan was to meet below the mountain with an Alpine Club group coming from Levico (close to where I live), and also with a friend coming from Viareggio. Going through Swiss alpine passes I cycled 900 km in six days knowing that I had to be at the parking in Pont at ten o'clock of a certain morning... Actually, that morning it happened that I arrived first, followed after 15 minutes by the friend from Viareggio, followed very closely by the bus from Trento... at the time we did not even own a cell phone, but everything came out simple like meeting at the café near home!
21.06.2012 19:22 , Pedrotti Alberto
A real Alpinist... 
in same line as Herman Buhl, who cycled from Innsbruck to Bregalia, climbed the Badile North Face Solo (!) and cycled the same day back to Innsbruck...
or as Franz and Toni Schmid who cycled 1931 from Munich to Zermatt and climbed the Matterhorn/ Cervinio North Face in two days...
21.06.2012 23:22 , Michael Spoerl
Ja, aber Du bist glücklich, dass diese Leute schon lange gestorben sind, sonst würden sie nicht gerne den Normalweg am Gran Paradiso ihren ganz anderen Wegen verglichen sehen... Bemerkung: wenn einer Buhls Buch liest, kann er keineswegs den Moment vergessen, wenn er er auf dem Rückweg von dem Badile so müde ist, dass er auf dem Fahrrad einschläft, und in den Inn fällt... selbst das Einschlafen, an einem Fels des Nanga Parbat gelehnt, scheint dann nicht so abenteuerlich!
Und ich will auch an meinen Freund Paolo Chiti erinnern, der keinen Wagen besass... Mein Panorama 19803 umfasst "seine" Gegend (his playground!) genau ein Jahr nach Seinem Tod. Die Berge die ich zeige sind voll von Leute und von Spuren; was man nicht sieht, ist dass die Täler drunten sind ebenso voll von Autos, bis im letzten Parkplatz, bis in dessen letzten Ecke (warum denn drei Meter verschenken?)... Anders war wenn Er von seinem Hause im Etschtal ausging (und nicht ohne Nikon D2X), den ganzen Latemar durchquerte, und aus dem Fleimstal nach Hause mit dem letzten Bus am späten Abend fuhr!!
22.06.2012 15:39 , Pedrotti Alberto

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Pedrotti Alberto

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