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1 Tête de la Petite Part, 3144 m
2 Pics de la Font Sancte, 3385 m
3 Lac de St. Anne, 2415m
4 Pic des Heuvieres, 3271 m
5 Pointe de la Saume, 3043 m
6 St. Anne Chapel
7 Tête de Coste Belle, 2552 m
8 Pic de Rochebrune 3325m


Location: Lac de St. Anne (2415 m)      by: Andrea Rolando
Area: Cottische Alpen      Date: 24/06/2012
If you have the chance to spend a few days in Queyras, the Lac de St. Anne is a place you can't miss.
It is a wide round glacial lake nestled at the foot of the Pic de la Fonte Sancte, the highest summit in the French Queyras natural park.
The little St. Anne chapel built upon the lake is the destination of a traditional pilgrimage that dates back to 1600s and held in july, 26th.


Andrea Rolando

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