Mottarone III - Vom Cima di Bo zu Rheinwaldhorn   87217
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1 Cast. di Gavala 1827m
2 Cima di Bo 2556m
3 M.Rosso 2343m
4 Becca Torché 3032m
5 M.Novesso 1409m
6 M.Cossarello 2691m
7 Mont Nery 3076m, 58km
8 Cima delle Balme 1930m
9 M. della Meia 2812m
10 Corno Rosso 2552m
11 Corno Rosso 2979m
12 M.Palanca 2685m
13 La Bruciata 2418m
14 Cresta Rossa 2986m
15 Corno Carro 3104m, 46km
16 Corno Bianco 3320m, 45km
17 Testa Grigia 3315m
18 Corno Grosso 3042m
19 P.ta Straling 3115m
20 P.3018m
21 M.Tagliaferro 2964m, 38km
22 Corno Rosso 3023m, 47km
23 Cima Colmetta 2458m
24 Piramide Vincent 4215m, 46km
25 Corno Nero 4321m, 46km
26 Ludwigshöhe 4341m, 46km
27 Parrotspitze 4436m, 46km
28 P.ta Grober 3497m
29 Signal/P.ta Gnifetti 4556m, 46km
30 Cap.Margherita
31 Zumstein 4561m, 46km
32 P.ta Dufour 4637m, 46km
33 Nordend 4612m, 46km
34 Pizzo Bianco 3215m
35 Jägerhorn 3939m, 46km
36 M.Capio 2140m, 18km
37 Fillarhorn 3678m, 45km
38 Torre di Castelfranco 3629m, 45km
39 Cima di Jazzi 3804m, 45km
40 Schwarzberghorn 3609m, 45km
41 Cima di Lago 2394m, 20km
42 Adlerhorn 3987m, 46km
43 Strahlhorn 4190m, 46km
44 Cima Capezzone 2421m, 20km
45 Rimpfischhorn 4199m, 47km
46 Montagna Rotonda
47 Allalinhorn 4027m, 47km
48 Alphubel 4206m, 50km
49 Punta d'Issola 2187m
50 Täschhorn 4490m, 50km
51 Stellihorn 3436m
52 Dom 4545m, 50km
53 Lenzspitze 4294m, 50km
54 Nadelhorn 4327m, 50km
55 Latelhorn 3198m
56 P.zo del Ton 2675m
57 Sonnighorn 3487m
58 Mittelruck 3363m
59 Weissmies 4023m
60 M.Massone 2161m, 12km
61 Bietschhorn 3934m, 67km
62 Breithorn 3436m, 49km
63 M. Leone 3553m, 49km
64 Schinhorn 3798m
65 Gross Fusshorn 3627m
66 Bortelhorn 3194m
67 Aletschhorn 4193m, 80km
68 Hillelhorn 3181m
69 Pizzo di Rossola 2087m
70 Helsenhorn 3272m
71 Wannenhorn 3906m, 85km
72 Piz Diei 2908m
73 M. Cistella 2880m
74 Scherbadung 3211m
75 Finsteraarhorn 4274m, 90km
76 P.zo Proman 2098m, 17km
77 M.Togano 2299m
78 Pizzo Ragno 2289m
79 Pedum 2111m, 19km
80 Laurasca 2193m, 19km
81 M.Zeda 2156m, 19km
82 Monte Zucchero 2736m, 56km
83 Pian Cavallone 1564m, 19km
84 M.Limidario 2188m
85 (Rheinwaldhorn 3402m, 104km)


Aufnahmestandort: Mottarone (VB) - I (1491 m)      Fotografiert von: Marco Nipoti
Gebiet: Walliser Alpen      Datum: 23 September 2007
Teleaufnahme mit sicht vom Grajische Alpen zu Tessiner

Pano aus 47 Hochformat-Aufnahmen.
Blickwinkel 151°
EXIF Daten der erste Aufnahme
Modell: Canon G7
Orig. Datum Zeit: 23.09.07 12:03 Uhr
Orig. Aufnahmen in JPG
Belichtungszeit 1/320 s
Brennweite 210mm
ISO 80
Org. Grösse : 51500x2703 (139 MPixel)


Super!!! :-) LG Johann
08.10.2007 12:05 , Johann Ilmberger
Bella Marco! 
great pano! are you sure of Gran Paradiso?
08.10.2007 16:59 , Andrea Gasparotto
Merci Bertrand....pour la P.ta Giordani c'est un coquille...pour les autres honte sur moi, et sur le depliant ;-)
09.10.2007 12:19 , Marco Nipoti
Pas grave. J'ai complété ton panorama qui est tout à fait comme je les aime.
Complète-le si tu veux avec les distances. Pour le Lauteraarhorn, je suis presque sûr mais si tu as la photo en plus gros format, tu peux vérifier. Salut.
09.10.2007 15:06 , Bertrand Mandon
Congratulations, Marco! This is surely a highlight concerning the detailedness! The southern view points benefit from the lighting from south and the vicinity of the high summits. It's nice to see so many peaks one has visited.
09.10.2007 17:31 , Daniel Roth
Thank you everybody for your nice evaluations.
A special thank goes to Bertrand Mandon, whose knowledge of mountain peaks is legendary and to another Italian friend who shares the same passion.
His name is Stefano Caldera, and he joined us to : I'm sure he will delight us with his panos.
Without them this inscription couldn't be so detailed and rich.
@Daniel: I particularly appreciated your comment and I completely agree with you that the lighting in South Alps is better than in Northern side to shoot this kind of panoramas.
We all miss new fresh panoramas from you, hope you will make other exciting climbs like you did in the past.
LG Marco
10.10.2007 09:45 , Marco Nipoti
10.10.2007 12:33 , Christian Hönig
Mottarone + Marco = grandioses Panorama 
11.10.2007 18:00 , Heinz Höra

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Marco Nipoti

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