Dbut de l'hiver sur le Mont Blanc   73038
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1 Col du Midi 3550 m
2 Mont Blanc du Tacul 4248 m
3 Aiguille de Gouter
4 Refuge de Tte Rousse 3204 m
5 Mont Maudit
6 New Refuge du Gouter
7 Dme de Gouter
8 Vallot Biwak
9 Arte des Bosses
10 Mont Blanc 4810 m
11 Aiguille de Bionassay 4052 m
12 Refuge Durier 3358 m
13 Point 3673 Domes de Miage
14 Domes de Miage 3670 m
15 Aiguille de Tr la Tte 3930 m
16 Mt Joly 2525 m
17 Lex Blanche ou Le Blanche 3697 m
18 Aiguille des Glaciers 3816 m
19 Mt Tondu 3196 m


Location: Chalet de la Balmaz (1644 m)      by: Michel Puissant
Area: Chablais-Alpen      Date: 07-11-2012
Nikon D3OOs AFS VR 16-85 f9 1:1000 4 vues horizontales en manuel sur monopode


Unusual and beautiful view of Montblanc and its satellites. Unfortunately however without a legend of the summits in view. Please name the visible peaks. Regards Bruno.
2012/11/12 18:56 , Bruno Schlenker
Magnifique cette combe gigantesque entre l'Aiguille du Goter et le Bionassay!

2012/11/12 19:38 , Dietrich Kunze
WOW! Splendid view!!! Great WORK and Welcome! greetings Seb
2012/11/13 20:13 , Sebastian Becher
Thank you and Happy new year

2013/01/17 21:23 , Michel Puissant
The picture is beautiful because the tip shape of the Mont Blanc.

Could you please give the location coordinates, also in your other panoramas. It is easy to make if you choose "locate in the map".
You have named the Aig. des Glaciers twice, the first is the Aig. de Trlatte.

PS: I have found Chalet de la Balmaz. The coordinates are 4553'00.3"N, 630'37.8"O rep. 45,88342 N, 6,50105 O.
I'm amazed that of 1600 m height, Mont Blanc as high is above the Aig. de Bionassay. This is not so of the over 1800 m high Mont d'Arbois. But this is also something closer to Mont Blanc.
2013/01/18 00:39 , Heinz Hra
Mt Blanc 4810m
Bionnassay 4052m
Mt d'Arbois invisible from here !
2013/02/21 21:03 , Michel Puissant
Michel, this was a comparison of the views of Balmaz and d'Arbois.
In the meantime I made myself a panorama of the d'Arbois.
Look at the panorama #22196 and you'll see what I meant.
2013/02/21 22:43 , Heinz Hra

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