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1 Corni di Canzo 1383m
2 Monte Moregallo 1276m
3 Grigna N 2409m
4 Grigna S 2177m
5 Pizzo Arera 2512m
6 Monte Coltignone 1473m
7 Zuccone Campelli 2161m
8 Monte Due Mani 1666m
9 Monte Melma 914m
10 Lago di Como 198m
11 Pizzo d'Erna 1362m
12 Resegone 1875m
13 Monte Magnodeno 1231m
14 Corna Camozzera 1452m
15 Monte Barro 922m
16 Monte Tesoro 1432m
17 Lago di Olginate 198m
18 Lago di Garlate 198m
19 Monte Regina 820m
20 Monte Crocione 877m
21 Lago di Annone 224m
22 SS36
23 Lago di Pusiano 257m
24 Monte Cornizzolo 1241m
25 Monte Rai 1261m


Location: Corno Birone (1166 m)      by: Marco Nipoti
Area: Bergamasker Alpen      Date: 13.09.2012
One of the last mountains of "Triangolo Lariano" still unexploited by photographers.
The North wind was so strong, that I had to crawl on the ridge.
Luckily the exposed side was facing North, so there was no evident danger.

19 Portrait RAW Images
1/320 F8
21mm x1.6
ISO 100
Time: 13:15


Very well done, Marco! Cheers Bruno.
2012/11/15 20:24 , Bruno Schlenker

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Marco Nipoti

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