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Aufnahmestandort: Test (1111 m)      Fotografiert von: B. B.
Gebiet: Brentagruppe      Datum: 01.01.1999


Dear Peter. Not all, but many (including myself) have experienced that Hugin at some point begins to break down and act "weird". Perhaps because it is a freeware, many "bugs" are included, and perhaps small but distinct errors evolve along the way, but of that I have basically no idea. My own version broke down after an upgrade, and it wouldn't work even if I deleted that and reinstalled the older version. Since I make many panos with sea-horizons, I needed something like Hugin badly, and since the panos of HH, HJB1, JE and WS showed good horizon alignment by using PTgui, I chose that too.

From time to time transitions in the sky appear with PTgui. Severel issues can cause that. Maybe, or maybe not, the RAW-converter and/or the stitcher performs an automatic vignettierungskorrektur. JE and HH found out here:


Also, maybe, or maybe not, the RAW-converter performs an automatic lightning optimizing proces. DPP from Canon does that by default, and you have to switch it off manually. Normally it will not show, but in a completely bright blue sky it will be evident. I don't know if your RAW-converter does that, but it is worth checking out. Your pictures look very even in the sky, but if there were subtle differences I couldn't tell.

Finally, the sticher can perform an exposure and colour adjustment. In PTgui you will find it in "advanced mode, project settings". See if there is a difference when you turn it on/off.

And finally, I am sad to say, we have seen many quite bad panos from ICE here on the AP. As soon as you have more than 2-3 pictures, the horizon becomes very bad.

LG Jan.
06.04.2016 20:15 , Jan Lindgaard Rasmussen

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