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1 Col de la Puina
2 Cime d'Auta
3 Monte La Banca
4 C. di Valfredda
5 Sasso Vernale
6 Marmolada
7 Rocchetta de Soraru'
8 Becco di Mezzodi'
9 Monte Cernera
10 Lastoi de Formin
11 Cima Ambrizzola
12 Croda da Lago
13 Monte Averau
14 Cinque Torri
15 Sass de Stria
16 Passo Falzarego
17 Lagazuoi Piccolo
18 Lagazuoi Grande
19 Tofana de Rozes
20 Punta Marietta


Location: Forcella Piccola (2000 m)      by: Andrea Gasparotto
Area: Dolomiten      Date: 14/05/2013
We went at evening towards Rifugio Galassi, starting from Rifugio Scottèr at 7 p.m., to have a delicious night without sleeping at the winter bivouac (but taking beautiful photos!!); the next day we climb Antelao, the secon summit of the Dolomites, by skis, a beautiful though very tiring experience! Just below Forcella Piccola we could admire this beautiful sunset! 6 horizontal shots freehand with Nikon D90+18-105.


The whole trip sounds like a great adventure - congrats!

2013/05/21 17:59 , Andreas Starick
great picture! 
2013/05/21 20:27 , Werner Maurer
Bel colpo!!
2013/05/21 21:10 , Pedrotti Alberto
very promising...
2013/05/21 21:15 , Michael Strasser

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Andrea Gasparotto

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