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1 Axenstrasse
2 Bälmeten, 2414
3 Flüelen
4 Altdorf
5 Bristen, 3072
6 Urnersee
7 Gitschen, 2511
8 Uri Rotstock, 2928
9 Schlieren, 2830
10 Scharti Höreli, 1693
11 Chulm, 1885
12 Ober Bauenstock, 2005
13 Niederbauen Chulm, 1923


Location: Axenstrasse (440 m)      by: Pedrotti Alberto
Area: Urner Alpen      Date: 18-05-2009
The previous day I was in the Wallis, after having climbed by skis the Bishorn, together with some friends who meanwhile had returned to Italy. The big passes were all closed: The Furka already at Gletsch; as for the Grimsel, I was able to reach the top, but just in time to see the last 100 meters of road being cleared from the snow. Of course, there was no possibility to go down in direction Meitingen. It was the Furka Basistunnel which cared to take me off this cul-de-sac. Unfortunately, on the Uri side I found myself under heavy rain. After a visit to the Gotthard pass, I cycled down the Schöllenen Schlucht, and at evening I was on the Axenstrasse where it gave up raining, and I shot the present panorama.
Thorough fotoreport on picasaweb.google.com/albertopedrotti/Bishorn

5 horizontal shots, Canon G9, 7.4 mm (= 34), 1/13 sec, f/2.8, ISO 200.

P.S.: for those interested to listen to the Verlaine/Fauré songs Green and Spleen, they are both available on Youtube:


Found Years later -You did It all by bike ? My unlimited Respect !
2015/11/25 09:06 , Harry Dobrzanski

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Pedrotti Alberto

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