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1 Mattstock, 1936
2 Amden
3 Raaberg, 1723
4 Chapf, 1288
5 Betlis
6 Walensee
7 Leistchamm, 2101
8 Nägeliberg, 2163
9 Hinterrugg, 2306
10 Sichelkamm, 2269
11 Fulfirst, 2384
12 "Wallenstadt"
13 Alvier, 2343
14 Gauschla, 2310


Location: Kerenzer Berg (810 m)      by: Pedrotti Alberto
Area: Glarner Alpen      Date: 02-11-2011
Two years ago, at the beginning of a less rainy November than the present one, I was cycling home from Zürich where I had visited some relatives of mine. To describe that travel ( I paraphrased one Franz - namely Schubert - but to give I title to the present view I quote another Franz - namely Liszt.
"Au lac de Wallenstadt" belongs to the collection Années de Pèlerinage, Première Année: Suisse, and Liszt accompanied it with some verses from Byron's Childe Harold's Pilgrimage:
... Thy contrasted lake
With the wild world I dwell in, is a thing
Which warns me, with its stillness, to forsake
Earth's troubled waters for a purer spring.
Curiously enough, the Byron verses referred to the Leman Lake, but who cares: all, one speaks of artistic license... However, let us stop here, otherwise Childe Harold would lead us to other music, namely to Berlioz, and with his "Sérénade d'un montagnard des Abruzzes" we would enter the Appennino, thus exiting the scope of Alpen-Panoramen, provided that I have not already done this with the present description...
Six pictures with the Canon G9.
P.S.: Udeuschle gives me a height of 810 m for this place, that should be approximately correct, but I am convinced that I did not cycle up that much from Mollis. If some expert can find out where is the truth...


Alberto, questo è Walenstadt! Auguri
2013/11/24 11:40 , Sieber Toni
2017/03/02 11:50 , Heinz Höra

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Pedrotti Alberto

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