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1 Monviso 3841m
2 Monte Campo Dei Fiori 1226m
3 Monte Piambello 1129m
4 Monte Mars 2600m
5 Becca Vlou 3032m
6 Monte Nery 3075m
7 Monte Mottarone 1491m
8 Monte Nudo 1235m
9 Cresta Rossa 2986m
10 Corno Bianco 3320m
11 Monte la Tegia 1110m
12 Monte Pian Nave 1058m
13 Monte Cerano 1702m
14 Piramide Vincent 4215m
15 Punta Parrot 4432m
16 Punta Gnifetti 4554m
17 Monte la Nave 988m
18 Punta Zumstein 4563m
19 Punta Dufour 4634m
20 Punta Nordend 4609m
21 Monte Cervino 4477m
22 Cima di Jazzi 3803m
23 Strahlhorn 4190m
24 Rimpfischhorn 4199m
25 Pizzo Pernice 1506m
26 Allalinhorn 4020m
27 Taeschhorn 4491m
28 Monte Todano 1667m
29 Lago Maggiore 193m
30 Dom 4545m
31 Piz d'Andolla 3653m
32 Weissmies 4023m
33 Lagginhorn 4010m
34 Fletschhorn 3993m
35 Motto Croce 1183m
36 Monte Leone 3553m
37 Monte Lema 1621m
38 Monte Limidario 2188m
39 Aletschhorn 4195m
40 Poncione di Breno 1653m
41 Finsteraarhorn 4274m
42 Monte Magno 1636m
43 Monte Gradiccioli 1936m
44 Monte Tamaro 1961m
45 Motto Rotondo 1928m
46 Corona di Redorta 2804m
47 Madas 2739m
48 Pizzo Campo Tencia 3071m
49 Pizzo Penca 3038m
50 Poncione d'Alnasca 2301m
51 Pizzo Forno 2907m
52 Madom Groess 2741m
53 Pizzo di Vogorno 2442m
54 Madone 2395m
55 Poncione di Piotta 2439m
56 Cima dell'Uomo 2390m
57 Gaggio 2267m
58 Monte Brè 925m
59 Caval Drossa 1632m
60 Adula 3402m
61 Monte Bar 1816m
62 Pizzo di Claro 2727m
63 Monte Boglia 1516m


Aufnahmestandort: Sighignola (1320 m)      Fotografiert von: Fabrizio Foppiani
Gebiet: Tessiner und Misoxer Alpen      Datum: 25-01-2014
This tourist spot called Balcony of Italy is easily accessible by car and the view is great

Time: 13.35
31 Vertical images (RAW)
ISO-80 F/8 1/400 sec
Focal length (35mm): 200mm



Jörg E.
31.01.2014 13:23 , Jörg Engelhardt
A very good overview and nicely worked out. You can guess the plain on the left hand side, the vista to Lago Maggiore and the overwhelming view to the mountains. VG.
31.01.2014 14:43 , Michael B.
absolutely amazing!

BR Kathrin
01.02.2014 20:17 , Kathrin Teubl
Great Pano!

But in my opinion a little less red could be even better!

Cari saluti Seb
02.02.2014 12:55 , Sebastian Becher
Thank you everybody 
@ Sebastian thanks for saying it, you're right. Probably i raised a little too much the color temperature looking the left side that is more neutral than the rest of the panorama...i'll fix it
02.02.2014 14:32 , Fabrizio Foppiani
Yes on the left its ok, but from MR to the right its a little problem..

Would be great! Thx
02.02.2014 15:07 , Sebastian Becher i think it's ok
02.02.2014 22:06 , Fabrizio Foppiani
Whenever you or others are presenting these beautiful views from the southern "ad pedem montium" hills (for me the Bayarian hills or the Swiss Jura play the same role), I am not so happy with my inter-alpine living situation, since I travelling through these areas only every second or third year, I can only rely on luck to get in such a shot done. Last time I more the less failed, but I will go to present the material.
Herzlichst Christoph
08.02.2014 09:58 , Christoph Seger

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Fabrizio Foppiani

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