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1 Cima delle Pecore (Grosser Schafkopf), 2998 m
2 Cima Termine (Endkopf), 2652m
3 Angerlikopf, 2822 m
4 Cima Sparvieri (Habicher Kopf ), 2901m
5 Piavenna (Plawenn)
6 Punta di Mezzo, 2908m
7 Suedliche Falwellspitze, 3360 m
8 Burgusio (Burgeis)
9 Pizzo Portles (Portlersspitz), 3074m
10 Giogo Alto (Hochjoch), 2593m
11 Punta di Remes (Remesspitze), 3212m
12 Punta d'Alliz (Litzner), 3206m
13 Monte Croce (Hohes Kreuzjoch), 2992m
14 Malles Venosta (Mals)
15 Orecchia di Lepre (Hasenoehrl), 3257m
16 Sluderno (Schluderns)
17 Punta di Lasa (Orgelspitze), 3305m
18 Glorenza (Glurns)
19 Cima Tedesca (Taitschroi), 3180m
20 Laudes
21 Croda del Forno (Hochofenwand), 3410m
22 Cima Vertana (Vertainspitze), 3545m
23 Monte Cevedale, 3769m


Location: Pramajur (1740 m)      by: Giuseppe Marzulli
Area: Ötztaler Alpen      Date: 27 December 2013
Pramajur is a small ski resort, which allows a very nice view over the upper Val Venosta (Vinschgau).


Very nice panorama - I am looking forward snowshoeing there (Burgeis) in 1 week - hopefully the weather will be as perfect as shown here :-)

Many regards, Kathrin
2014/02/02 20:46 , Kathrin Teubl
Thanks for the comment. From the point of view of the weather, it was an exceptional day. I hope that you find like that.
2014/02/02 22:13 , Giuseppe Marzulli

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Giuseppe Marzulli

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