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1 Lago di Montorfano 397m
2 Monte Bolettone 1317m
3 Monte Campo dei Fiori 1226m
4 Monte Rosa 4634m
5 Moltrasio
6 Monte Bisbino 1325m
7 Monte Generoso 1701m
8 Carate Urio
9 Molina
10 Monte Colmegnone 1383m
11 Lemma
12 Bicogno
13 Laglio
14 Torriggia
15 Palanzo
16 Brienno
17 Lago di Como 198m
18 Argegno
19 Pigra
20 Monte di Lenno 1589m
21 Monte Calbiga 1698m
22 Monte di Palanzo 1391m
23 Monte San Primo 1686m
24 Monte Legnone 2609m
25 Monte Oriolo 1110m
26 Grigna Settentrionale 2409m
27 Capanna Mara 1125m
28 Monte Megna 1150m
29 Grigna Meridionale 2177m
30 Monte Coltignone 1473m
31 Monte Barzaghino 1069m
32 Corni di Canzo 1373m
33 Monte Resegone 1875m
34 Monte Rai 1261m
35 Monte Cornizzolo 1241m
36 Monte Tesoro 1432m
37 Lago di Annone 224m
38 Lago di Pusiano 257m
39 Erba
40 Lago di Alserio 262m


Aufnahmestandort: Monte Bolettone (1317 m)      Fotografiert von: Fabrizio Foppiani
Gebiet: Bergamasker Alpen      Datum: 01-05-2014

The nice thing in this panorama is that there's no one around. A sunny day on 1 May when nobody works means a lot of people, in fact I haven't even thought to take photos, i went out just to train...but with a little bit of patience (and luck) i got the right moment

Time: 11.27
17 Vertical Images (RAW)
ISO-80 F/8 1/250sec
Focal length (35mm): 46mm


Always beautiful your southern alps ambience!

Tanti saluti Seb
02.05.2014 17:05 , Sebastian Becher
Very nice pano. Interesting to see that the clouds around the tops, that we sufferd under last July in this area, are similar early May. Cheers, Martin
02.05.2014 17:45 , Martin Kraus
This is spring-time! Here in Tirol we still have snow down to 1500 m ...
04.05.2014 14:03 , Christoph Seger

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Fabrizio Foppiani

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