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1 Finsteraarhorn 4274 m
2 Lauteraarhorn 4242m
3 Pizzo Gallina 3061m
4 Chilchhorn 2789m
5 Poncione di Valleggia 2873m
6 Pizzo Cavagnoo 2836m
7 Pizzo San Giacomo 2924m


Location: Nufenenpass (2478 m)      by: Stefano Caldera
Area: Tessiner und Misoxer Alpen      Date: 20 Jun 2014
Canon EOS 5DII
EF 16-35 2.8 L
2.8, 16mm, ISO 3200, 30''


wonderful illumination - nature and cross. It would be nice to add the time of the photos - thank you very much. Best regards Alexander
2014/06/22 22:27 , Alexander Von Mackensen
Great to have a new (very special) pano from you!
Herzlichst Christoph
PS: did you illuminate the cross separately? what light source?
2014/06/22 22:40 , Christoph Seger
@Alexander: sorry I forgot the shooting time: 30 sec/picture, taken around midnight
@Christoph: the cross is illuminated by the restaurant of the pass, that is just a little on the left of the picture. I did not take the full 360° because there were too much clouds
2014/06/23 10:22 , Stefano Caldera
Looks amazing!
2014/06/24 18:27 , Kathrin Teubl

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Stefano Caldera

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