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1 les Trois Dents
2 Pointe Durand
3 Triangle de la Momie
4 Pic Coolidge
5 le Fitre
6 Barre des Ecrins
7 Pointe de la Grande Sagne


Location: Ailefroide (2100 m)      by: Konrad Sus
Area: Dauphiné Alpen      Date: 29.07.2014


Interesting perspective. But I'm afraid Ailefroide is not visible from your point of view. What you labelled as L'Ailefroide, is P. 3343 in the east ridge of Pic Coolidge. KR Wilfried
2014/08/05 10:26 , Wilfried Malz
I think you wrong, in my opinion, it is l`Ailefroide central. Compare shape of summit with http://www.geol-alp.com/h_oisans/_photos/vallouise_haute_ph/670729_Pelv_GrNoir_dAgn_6.jpg
2014/08/18 08:24 , Konrad Sus
I agree with Wilfried, because I know that region pretty good. The complete massiv de l'Ailefroide is hidden. It will be visible if you continue ascending to the Refuge du Glacier Blanc. Have a look to Panorama 8933 - Ailefroide is visible with its typical silhouette. Best regards Alexander
2015/04/01 18:33 , Alexander Von Mackensen

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Konrad Sus


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