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Location: Mulaz (2906 m)      by: Pedrotti Alberto
Area: Dolomiten      Date: 27-09-2014
Maybe it is too close in space-time to N.26573, which was shot truly few minutes after the present one.
However, the object happens to be ready on the disk and it takes truly few seconds to upload it.
The Betrachter will judge... In case, even less seconds will be needed for withdrawal!
For now, the Beschriftung can be found in the quoted work - namely, no significant rock collapse and/or orogenetic phenomenon was recorded on the Pale in the meantime!


A touch of "it never rains in P........" - i love these wild northside view of the Pala which I visited in 2012, the first and definitely not the last time ...

Well done Alberto!!!

Tanti saluti from black forest to the Dolomites
2014/12/14 01:35 , Hans-Jörg Bäuerle
Spooooky !!
2014/12/14 08:40 , Christoph Seger
HJBäu: you mean, it never rains in the Pale?!?
This side of the Pale is impressive, but do not forget also the Val Canali south.
And now I aim to still another thing in this region, namely the unknown Cor:
I think that a panorama centered around this feature could receive 5-6 herzliche Bewertungen even here on APA!!
2014/12/14 16:15 , Pedrotti Alberto
Das Geheimnisvolle 
noch verstärkt! Ein künstlerisches Foto!
Gruss Walter
2014/12/14 18:51 , Walter Schmidt
The best panorama I saw in a week! Excellent! Cheers Bruno.
2014/12/15 20:07 , Bruno Schlenker

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