Il Massiccio del Bernina (Berninagruppe)   172636
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1 Piz Rosatsch
2 Val Fex
3 Val Fedoz
4 Val Roseg
5 Corvatsch
6 Languard
7 Monte dell' Oro
8 Piz Chalchagn
9 Albris
10 Furcella da Fedoz
11 Piz Tschierva, 3545m
12 Il Chapütschin, 3232m
13 Fuorcla da Boval
14 Piz Morteratsch, 3751m
15 Piz Prievlus, 3610m
16 Fuorcla Prievlusa
17 Piz Fora
18 Schneekuppe Roseg
19 Piz Roseg, 3937m
20 Piz Bernina, 4049m
21 Porta da Roseg
22 Piz Scerscen, 3971m
23 Piz Sella, 3506m
24 Rifugio Marco e Rosa, 3609m
25 Crast Agüzza, 3854m
26 Bellavista, 3922m
27 Piz Palü, 3905m
28 Piz Zupó, 3996m
29 Monte Disgrazia
30 Val da Camp
31 Pizzo Varuna
32 Sasso Nero
33 Piz dal Teo
34 Sasso Moro
35 Piz Sena
36 Lago Palù
37 Lago di Gera
38 Lago di Campo Moro
39 Sassalb
40 Monte Spondascia
41 Monte Motta
42 Om
43 Valle di Posciavo
44 Valmalenco


Location: Bergamo-Paris Flight      by: Giuseppe Marzulli
Area: Bernina Alpen      Date: 11 December 2015


Ich vermute, dass Du auf eine Berggruppe geschaut hast, die in den Ostalpen einen bestimmten Superlativ für sich in Anspruch nimmt (;-)
2015/12/16 07:16 , Michael Bodenstedt
Partenza mattiniera da Orio al Serio!

PS: no, l'esatto contrario, ora che ci penso.
2015/12/16 09:16 , Pedrotti Alberto
:-) "4.049 m" ...
2015/12/16 09:57 , Jörg Engelhardt
Hans-Jörg kennt das eben bestens.
2015/12/16 11:55 , Heinz Höra
schön die Bernina Gruppe mit Ihren tollen Gipfeln wie Piz Morderatsch ,Piz.Roseg und dem Piz Bernina. Man sieht die komplette Überschreitung der Bellavista Terrasse bis zum Palü. Großartig und Klasse Ansicht von OBEN.


2015/12/16 14:27 , Ralf Neuland
war meine erste Vermutung von gestern Abend doch richtig; ich hatte sie verworfen weil mir die Gletscher nicht gepasst haben ....
2015/12/16 15:04 , Christoph Seger
(anche) per Alberto 
eh sì, data l'ombreggiatura!!
Ottima foto Giuseppe!! Come posizione dovresti essere all'incirca sopra la valle "ladina" dei grandi laghi...

Ciao, Alvise
2015/12/16 15:34 , Alvise Bonaldo
No, secondo me ha appena sorvolato il Passo del Muretto, quello che fu fatale a Ettore Castiglioni...
2015/12/16 15:41 , Pedrotti Alberto
In fact, the panorama could have been created over the Passo Muretto. I've heard about the tragic story of Ettore Castiglioni during my visits in the Fornovalley in the 1980 years ... and in 2012 i've heard again something about this man, when we climb to the top of Cima di Vezzana! Have you discovered also his footsteps in Patagonia ;-) ...?
2015/12/16 16:51 , Hans-Jörg Bäuerle
Thank you all for the comments.
@Alberto e Alvise: è sempre molto difficile in volo definire il punto preciso, ma, per quanto possa sembrare strano, mi pare fossi intorno al Pizzo Ligoncio. La distanza focale è di 55 mm. La rotta dell' aereo è stata parecchio diversa da quella che mi aspettavo. Se si traccia una retta fra Bergamo e Parigi, La Alpi si attraversano a livello delle Alpi Bernesi. La foto è stata scattata intorno alle 15,45.
2015/12/16 22:24 , Giuseppe Marzulli
Giuseppe, a normal route from Paris to Bergamo by Ryanair is:
But I find no arrivals in Bergamo from Paris in the afternoon.
2015/12/17 12:41 , Heinz Höra
Hello Heinz. The website that you indicated is really very interesting. On December 11th is the departure, not the arrival. The flight was the FR4235 departing from Bergamo on December 11 at 15.15.
The air route indicated for Paris was not the one indicated in the website, but if you show me the right flight, perhaps corresponds.
Best regards.
2015/12/17 18:47 , Giuseppe Marzulli
Hello Giuseppe. The website is,9.38/8. But it is difficult to find under Data/History a special flight.
With some tinkering but I managed to find the flight of FR4235:
Actually, this flight has a different route than the others, which continue Southwest beyond Geneva.
Best regards.
Now you can also create a similar, also very interesting view at UDeuschle:
2015/12/17 19:30 , Heinz Höra
Thanks Heinz. The route that has followed my flight is exactly that indicated in

It is not the route that Flight Bergamo-Paris usually follow.
2015/12/17 20:21 , Giuseppe Marzulli
2015/12/22 18:51 , B. B.
HJBäu: good that you mentioned Castiglioni's footsteps in Patagonia!
I was quite sure to answer that no, he never was overseas.
But now, opening his posthumous diary «Il giorno delle Mesules» (Torino, 1999) I discover that in 1937 he was on an expedition, led by no less than Count Bonacossa, and willing to climb no less than the Fitzroy (!!).
In this audacious respect, they had indeed little success. However, they achieved the first ascent of Cerro Ñato, 2800 m, in the Cordón Adela. This mountain remains hidden by the Cerro Sólo in Jens Vischer's landmark PPH-12516, but I hope to show it one day.
Remarkably Garibotti (Patagonia Vertical, Ljubljana 2012) defines this «the first technically difficult summit to be climbed in the Southern Andes».
I need to study the topic, then I will report in some future panorama!
2015/12/25 17:26 , Pedrotti Alberto
Thanks Alberto, i read some time ago in a report by Ettore's "early trip" to Patagonia, therefore i've given my comment a "Smiley". I am looking forward to your report on p-p ... and it's right, we are merry too in "Alpirsbacher Land" :-) ...

Cheers, Hans-Jörg
2015/12/26 07:39 , Hans-Jörg Bäuerle

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