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1 Rochers de la Bade (1850m 9.7Km)
2 Mont Colombier (2045m 8.5Km)
3 Dent de Pleuven (1771m 2.9Km)
4 Mont Trélod (2181m 3.4Km)
5 Pointe de Banc Plat (1907m 7.1Km)
6 Lanche Close (1791m 6.8Km)
7 Mont Veyrier (1251m 26.1Km)
8 Mont Baret (1243m 24.4Km)
9 Grand Montoir (1731m 31.5Km)
10 Pointe d'Arcalod (2217m 1.5Km)
11 Pic De Jalouvre (2438m 41.1Km)
12 Pointe d'Almet (2232m 41.8Km)
13 Pointe Percée (2750m 41.1Km)
14 Mont Charvin (2409m 21.4Km)
15 Pointe de la Sambuy (2198m 4.2Km)
16 Pointe de Chaurionde (2173m 3.2Km)
17 Mont Blanc (4808m 53Km)
18 Mont Mirantin (2460m 21.5Km)
19 Le Grand Mont (2686m 24.7Km)
20 Mont de la Coche (2070m 0.3Km)
21 Grand Pic de la Lauziere (2829m 25.8Km)
22 Mont d'Armenaz (2158m 4.6Km)
23 Mont Pecloz (2197m 4.1Km)
24 Pointe des Arlicots (2060m 6.9Km)
25 Col d'Arclusaz (1770m 8.7Km)
26 Dent d'Arcluzas (2041m 8.5Km)


Location: Le Tré Molard (2035 m)      by: Arnaud Gendre
Area: Savoier Kalkalpen      Date: 2016-08-04
Nikon D7100 - Nikkor 18-105mm f/3.5-5.6G AF-S DX ED VR
16 pictures (portrait)
ISO 100, 1/320, F8, f=18 mm (~27 mm)
11:41AM (CEST)


Superbe Panorama!
2017/01/09 19:29 , Manfred Schuster

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Arnaud Gendre

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