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1 To Forcella Regana, 2047
2 Orti della Regana
3 Cresta delle Streghe
4 LastÚ dei Fiori
5 La Banca, 2720
6 Forzeleta, 2680
7 Cimadasta, 2848
8 Cima dei Diaoli, 2808
9 Col del Vento, 2647
10 La Busa Alta, 2513
11 Coltorondo, 2530
12 (Cima Cece, 2754)
13 (Pale di San Martino)
14 Corno di Val Regana
15 Val Regana


Location: Corno di Val Regana (2614 m)      by: Pedrotti Alberto
Area: Fleimstaler Alpen      Date: 25-09-2016
If the main summit of Cimadasta is often reached, satellites like the one shown here are totally ignored. My personal statistics are in line with this: even if that same day I was going to touch the main summit for the 48-th time, I was at my very first visit to the little Corno.
Loneliness is guaranteed there!

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Excellent Alberto! Cheers Bruno.
2016/10/22 16:56 , Bruno Schlenker

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Pedrotti Alberto

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