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1 Hutteltalkopf
2 Zillerkopf
3 Wechselspitze
4 Ahornspitze
5 Brandberger Kolm
6 Dristner


Location: Konigsleitenspitze (2300 m)      by: Konrad Sus
Area: Kitzbüheler Alpen      Date: 10.08.2017


Hi Konrad,
I like many of your contributions and am always pleased to see them. But somehow it's a pity that I oftenly find some issue in a panorama that prevents me from just passing four stars. This panorama shows some exciting moment, but there are foreground areas on the left which are not sharp at all... - So, please be assured that your work is recognized!
LG Björn
2017/08/16 06:39 , Müller Björn
Ich finde es trotzdem gut
2017/08/24 14:41 , Leonhard Huber

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Konrad Sus


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