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1 Corno di Senaso, 2853
2 Cima Ghez, 2715
3 Cima Vallon, 2965
4 Doss di Dalum, 2687
5 Cima d'Agola, 2988
6 Cima d'Ambiez, 3104
7 Cima Tosa, 3172
8 Crozzon di Brenta, 3114
9 Brenta Alta, 2960, 34 km
10 Campanile Alto, 2937
11 Torre di Brenta, 3014
12 Cima d'Armi, 2951
13 Spallone dei Massodi, 2999
14 Cima Brenta, 3150, 34.5 km
15 Campanile di Vallesinella, 2946
16 Cima Falkner, 2988
17 Paganella, 2124, 23 km
18 Cima Grostè, 2898


Location: Compet (1385 m)      by: Pedrotti Alberto
Area: Fleimstaler Alpen      Date: 09-02-2020
This is nearly the camera output.
I do not know if I will leave it as it is or increase the contrast or anything.
Betrachter suggestions are welcome.
The whole moonset sequence, with the moon disappearing behind Brenta Alta and then reappearing for a while before Campanile Alto, can be seen starting from

10 vertical shots, Sony RX10, 600 mm equiv, ISO 640, f/4, 1/400 sec
GPS track:


Please do not change anything! This tender mood of colours cannot be improved, its is wonderful!
2020/02/12 13:27 , Dietrich Kunze
I agree to Dietrich! It is perfect. I would be interested in technical details.
2020/02/12 14:11 , Michael Bodenstedt
Keep it as it is, please. This is pure nature. We do not always have a clear view in reality.
2020/02/12 18:05 , Rainer Hillebrand
Ciao, Alvise
2020/02/13 09:08 , Alvise Bonaldo
So, I leave it as it is.
Technical details now provided.
Non-technical details: this happened at 07.27 in the morning. I had woken up at 4.00 in order to cycle up here with a reasonable amount of spare time. Later in the day, I climbed three times with skis the Fravort, for a total amount (bicycle + ski) of 4000 m ascent.
2020/02/13 22:44 , Pedrotti Alberto
2020/02/14 12:25 , Hans Diter
Simply magical, Alberto!
2020/02/16 15:14 , Johannes Ha
In a time, where "nature photography" on the web is almost always over-edited, thanks for showing the natural view of an amazing scene. Cheers, Martin
2020/02/17 20:47 , Martin Kraus
Maybe those people who spend too many hours editing do not have the time to actually be there at the right moment... Consider that this photo was only the start of a day in which I climbed three times the Fravort - see the GPS track.
But yes, we live in a time when the fake is appreciated much more than the authentic and - even more importantly - buying editing software "moves" the economy far more than climbing the Fravort!
2020/02/18 08:48 , Pedrotti Alberto
Once again a perfect timing ... !!!

Cheers, Hans-Jörg
2020/02/19 07:17 , Hans-Jörg Bäuerle

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Pedrotti Alberto

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