Wasserfallwinkelkees and Oberwalderhütte - A comparison   6951
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1 Mittlerer Burgstall
2 Grosser Burgstall
3 Snow-ice slope to OW Hutte
4 Oberwalderhütte
5 Check this slope with the other two images...:-(
6 Eiswandbichl
7 Breitkopf
8 Fuscherkarkopf (FKK!)


Aufnahmestandort: On the path to Oberwalderhütte (2800 m)      Fotografiert von: Alvise Bonaldo
Gebiet: Glocknergruppe      Datum: 2014 - 2016 - 2020
I republish the overview by adding a previous image to the first two, as I remembered I went to those places even a couple of years earlier. I think that this diachronic testimony is truly significant. Thanks to those who just voted my previous pano; I hope they will enjoy this one too...
In addition to the possibility of comparing three different photographic qualities (details below), this collage of images serves me to highlight the radical change of places and ascent conditions.
The first image is from August 2014; you can clearly see the snow-covered slope that leads to the foot of the Grosser Burgstall and thus to the path to the Oberwalderhütte without much thought. On August 2016 (second image) the amount of snow on the ramp had slightly decreased and the ice was almost completely uncovered but it was still easily passable. On that occasion I carried up my two sons who, even without having much experience of progression on ice and snow, made it without problems.
The image on the right is instead of this August (4 years later). Besides the overall shrinkage of the frozen surface (which can be understood much more dramatically by looking at the state of the Pasterze) the "snow gum" has totally disappeared and left uncovered a vast slope of unstable debris, quite tiring to climb. Grosser Burgstall looks like a huge tooth with the entire collar exposed. The hut is now reachable on the path with a not very easy ferrata ramp about which I do not think has been given news neither on the refuge website nor on that of the Alpenverein, and even at the Franz-Joseph Hohe there were no indications about the need to have the via ferrata set. Since I was accompanying a not very experienced person I preferred to give up the hut, but I was a bit angry for this lack of information (at least in the Italian mountaineering environment). Anyway the location is always amazing and awesome; for Eastern Italian Alps mountain lovers the Hohe Tauern are the closest place to breathe "high mountain air".
@ OeAV friends: do you have some notices and/or informations about the "new" access to Oberwalderhütte? Thanks in advance.

Panasonic Lumix FZ18
16 jpeg verticali a mano libera
ISO 1OO, 1/400, f/8

Canon G10
10 jpeg verticali a mano libera
ISO 80, 1/400, f/4

Fuji X-E1 + XC 16-50
7 jpeg orizzontali a mano libera
ISO 100, 1/250, f/6.4


Per respirare aria di alta montagna ci sarebbe anche l'Ortles-Cevedale...
Dove peraltro i problemi sono gli stessi, come evidente nel disastrato bacino dei Forni. Anche vie una volta innocue, come l'accesso al Bivacco Meneghello dalla Vedretta degli Orsi, ora sono diventate friabili ed esposte a caduta sassi. A marzo 2019, anche in versione scialpinistica, abbiamo evitato quell'uscita perché la neve non copriva sufficientemente le rampe detritiche desiderose di franare.
17.09.2020 11:16 , Pedrotti Alberto
Grazie Alberto. 
Quanto all'Ortles-Cevedale, pensavo alla vicinanza "mia" rispetto alle alte quote… per me è più agevole andare verso gli Alti Tauri, dalla Pusteria in un'oretta e mezza di macchina sono già in zona sia Grossvenediger che Grossglockner (anche meno per le Alpi Aurine/Zillertaler). Certo l'Ortles è tanta roba. Ci sono andato "vicino" (anche se da lontano) moltissimi anni fa in una gita primaverile a Solda. Mi piacerebbe molto tornarci ma le occasioni per fare cose "impegnative" stanno diminuendo drasticamente, in proporzione inversa con l'aumentare dell'età…
Ciao, Alvise
17.09.2020 11:28 , Alvise Bonaldo
Interesting collage!
17.09.2020 20:21 , Jörg Braukmann
Ciao Alvise, ich habe eben gesehen, dass dieses Bild Dein 300. Panorama auf AP ist. Herzlichen Glückwunsch und vielen Dank für die vielen schönen Bilder!!!
18.09.2020 15:46 , Michael Bodenstedt
I realized it just now!! Thanks for your comment… It's a pleasure to be part of this "specialized" social network - if it is one.
Ciao, Alvise
21.09.2020 08:39 , Alvise Bonaldo
Great comparison. I add my congratulations to your 300. pano - thanks for contributing so much to this site. Cheers, Martin
21.09.2020 19:21 , Martin Kraus

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