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1 Peio 3000
2 Punta Taviela, 3615 m
3 Punta San Matteo, 3678 m
4 pizzo Tresero
5 Palon de la Mare
6 Königspitze / Gran Zebru, 3859 m
7 Monte Cevedale


Location: Monte Vioz (3645 m)      by: Konrad Sus
Area: Ortler Alpen      Date: 29.07.2021


Nice pano Konrad, but you should check the horizon, specially the left part looks a bit crooked.
And there´s a stitching problem in the snowfield below Punta Taviela.
2021/08/03 08:33 , Johannes Ha
I think its better now
2021/08/03 20:13 , Konrad Sus
For weak hikers? 
It's an elevation of 2.100m from Pejo up to the summit. So you are joking?
2021/08/04 12:10 , Matthias Knapp
I began hike from upper station of cable car Peio 3000
2021/08/04 14:09 , Konrad Sus
An attractive mountain, Thanks for improving. Cheers, Martin
2021/08/08 08:47 , Martin Kraus

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Konrad Sus


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