Approaching the summit of the Matterhorn   4446
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1 Torre del Gran San Pietro
2 Italian summit Matterhorn 4476.4 m
3 La Grivola
4 Becca de Luseny
5 Les Jumeaux
6 Mont Morion
7 Punta Margherita
8 Mont Gelé
9 Mont Vélan
10 Mont Blanc
11 Mont Brûlé
12 La Singla
13 Mont Maudit
14 Grandes Jorasses
15 Dent d'Hérens
16 Grand Combin
17 L'Evêque
18 Aiguille Verte
19 Mitre de l'Evêque
20 Aiguille d'Argentière
21 Tête de Valpelline
22 Mont Collon
23 Bouquetins
24 Pigne d'Arolla
25 Pointes de Tsena Refien
26 La Luette
27 Tête Blanche
28 Dent de Bertol


Aufnahmestandort: A hundred meters before the Italian summit (4476 m)      Fotografiert von: Mentor Depret
Gebiet: Walliser Alpen      Datum: 2023 06 25
I did a helicopter flight along the summits of the mountains around Zermatt. With my iPhone 14 pro max, I recorded most of the flight. I took 4k frames from the videos and made several small panos. This pano is made of 6 frames with a lot of work to eliminate most of the reflections in the front window. I was able to make the horizon horizontal although the helicopter was already turning.

The summit of the Matterhorn measures 110 m and is more or less horizontal with a Swiss and an Italian summit. The height of Swiss summit is 4477.5 m and the Italian is 1 m lower. On the latter there is a 2 m high cross which you can see in the pic. We approached along the Hörnli ridge but reached summit height near the Italian side. The pits in the snow are the footsteps of climbers. Everything went very fast and believe me I saw more on my computer screen than in reality.


superb! Cordialement Alexander
13.09.2023 07:50 , Alexander Von Mackensen
Ich bin jetzt kein Freund von Touristenflügen im Hochgebirge, aber der Nahblick zum Matterhorngipfel ist interessant.
13.09.2023 12:56 , Günter Diez
@Günter, actually I agree with you. I don't like the terrible noise of helicopters in the mountains. However, long time ago I wanted to climb the Matterhorn to see how it looks like, but never did it. Now I am too old and the helicopter brought me a few meters from the top.
13.09.2023 15:29 , Mentor Depret
@Alexander, I knew I would do pleasure by posting this. I have taken from the videos several sequences such as approaching to the Matterhorn summit, the Zinalrothorn, the Weisshorn, Bishorn, Breithorn, Pollux, Castor, Signalkuppe with ref. Margherita (very exceptional views), Dufourspitze, Nordend, Strahlhorn, Täschhorn, Dom (with flight around the top), Nadelgrat and back to Zermatt. If sequences are allowed here I will post some but it is pano site and it is really difficult to make panos from these videos because the helicopter flies.
13.09.2023 16:11 , Mentor Depret

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