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1 Monte Pavione 2334 m.slme
2 Monte Pavione 2334 m.slme
3 Pizzocco
4 Catena dei Lagorai
5 Catena dei Lagorai
6 Sass da Mur
7 Cima d'Asta
8 Sass Maor
9 La Fradusta
10 Cimon della Pala
11 Cima Vezzana
12 Schiara
13 Pelf
14 Talvena
15 Moiazza
16 Marmolada
17 Civetta
18 Monte Antander
19 Monte Teverone
20 Pelmo
21 Cimon di Valbona
22 Monte Venal
23 Col Nudo
24 Antelao
25 Monte Duranno
26 Crep Nudo
27 Tre Cime-Drei Zinnen
28 Cima dei Preti
29 Cima 11-Elferkoefel
30 Campanil di Val Montanaia
31 Monfalconi
32 GrossGlockner
33 Resettum
34 Jof di Montasio
35 Mangart
36 Canin
37 Triglav
38 Lago di Barcis
39 Krn-Monte Nero
40 Carso
41 Trieste-Trst
42 Adriatic Sea
43 Istria
44 Monte Sestier
45 Monte Caulana
46 Cima di Valgrande
47 Cima di ValPiccola
48 Cima Laste'
49 Monte Cavallo
50 Monte Cornor
51 Cimon di Palantina
52 Monte Castelat
53 Monte Guslon


Aufnahmestandort: Monte Messer N ridge (2200 m)      Fotografiert von: Andrea Gasparotto
Gebiet: Südliche Karnische Alpen      Datum: 10/01/2009
This pano is taken at the end of a ski-touring climb in the Alpago range, almost on the summit of the M. Messer; the place was rather uncomfortable, a little place on a steep ridge, and so the quality of the photos is not so perfect, in particular i cannot care very accurately on the focus, so the far mountains are a little bit blurred....but in any case you can see from the dolomites to the slovenian alps, and even the adriatic sea and Trieste gulf!
16 handfree shots with Canon sx100IS.


Very interesting 
place, nearly unknown in Germany, and very interesting sight. Do you know something about the name "Monte Messer"? It sounds so german.
12.01.2009 11:42 , Matthias Knapp
@ Matthias 
Alpago Mountains are very nice, and an ideal place for ski-touring excursion in the winter months, with many beautiful routes of level BSA and OSA.
The mountain names are typical of Alpago regions, the truncated final is rather common in the Bellunese dialekt (Antander, Guslon, Sestier, Funes, Montanes, Chies, Puos), more similar to ladin rather than to german.
12.01.2009 12:32 , Andrea Gasparotto
A nice view of the alpago region 
I can estimate that the ski climbing must have been not the easy one - so I would like to express my respect to the climb and to the photoshooting, for which I would give you 4*. But on the other hand the panorama is to blurred to give maximum points. So I mean 3* is correct. Ciao, salve, Michi
13.01.2009 00:17 , Michael Spoerl

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Andrea Gasparotto

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