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1 Tasachferner
2 Hint. Brochkogel (3635m)


Location: Tasachferner (3200 m)      by: Pirmin Olde Weghuis
Area: Ötztaler Alpen      Date: 10-07-2009
This is a photograph from our tour through die Ötztaler Alps, we started in Plangeross (Pitztal), took via the Rüsselsheimerhütte, the Mainzer-Hohenweg to the Braunschweigerhütte.
Next day we went from the Braunschweigerhütte, over the Mittelbergferner and Tasachferner to Tirol's highest peak, the Wildspitze (3770m)
I had some problems with the colour of the snow, because in some parts it was way more blue colored than at other parts, I tried my best but ain't totally satisfied.
In the front you see 2 persons standing, a little bit dumb because it looks like the front person has a silly beanie on his head.


Pirmin Olde Weghuis

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