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1 Monte Moregallo 1276m
2 Corno Occidentale di Canzo 1373m
3 Monte Cornizzolo 1241m
4 Lago di Como
5 Valle di Prada
6 Zucco di Sileggio 1373m
7 Monte Bolettone 1317m
8 Monte Palanzone 1436m
9 La Tagliata 1402m
10 Monte San Primo 1686m
11 Monte Palagia 1549m
12 Sasso Gordona 1410m
13 Monte Generoso 1701m
14 Monte Pilastro 1823m


Aufnahmestandort: Porta di Prada (1635 m)      Fotografiert von: Stefano Caldera
Gebiet: Bergamasker Alpen      Datum: 25 Oct 2009
The Porta di Prada ("Door of Prada", "Gateway of Prada", I don't know how to translate it) doesn't have anything to do with the elite italian fashion label. It is 'only' a beautiful limestone formation in the Grigne Group, due to the erosion of an ancient cave. In my opinion the south side is less beautiful than the north, I will upload a panoramic even from there (it was in backlight).

Here is a picture from north:

Canon EOS 40D
EF 17-40 F/4 L
22 images (two rows)
21mm, 1/500s, F/8


Short but beautiful. I guess you had to go a bit beside the way downhill in order to get the cross in the middle of the hole. LG Robert
17.11.2009 21:01 , Robert Viehl
Simply beautiful; furthermore the panorama is perfectly stitched showing a wonderful atmosphere. I need to return to La Grigne! :-) - Tanti saluti, dirk
17.11.2009 21:48 , Dirk Becker
an extremely nice pano with wonderful little details, and excellent quality as usual; allbest Gerald
18.11.2009 09:24 , Gerald Winkler
Sehr schön gesehen! LG Christian
18.11.2009 13:12 , Christian Hönig
Yes Robert, great look! Another reason is that from the path the sky is not visible in the hole. Mainly I went a bit beside for this
18.11.2009 14:13 , Stefano Caldera
In my opinion the depth of this panorama is exceptionally fine. The quality of the perspective is given by a double effect. Left with the Valle di Prada, right with the sky in the hole of the rock. Bravissimo !
21.11.2009 00:23 , David Schatzman

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Stefano Caldera

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