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1 M.Tamaro 1961m
2 M.Rosa 4633m
3 Covreto 1594m
4 Gridone 2188m
5 P.zo Ruscada 2004m
6 M.Gambarogno 1734m
7 Maggia
8 Basodino 3274m
9 Lago Maggiore 193m
10 C.della Trosa 1869m
11 P.zo di Vogorno 2442m
12 Madone 2395m
13 Rheinwaldhorn 3402m
14 Camoghe' 2227m
15 M.Bar 1816m
16 M.Legnone 2609m
17 Grigna N 2410m
18 Grigna S 2177m
19 M.Generoso 1704m


Location: Monte Tamaro (1961 m)      by: Marco Nipoti
Area: Tessiner und Misoxer Alpen      Date: 20 November 2009
Pano of 25 Portrait shots.
Viewing Angle 360°

EXIF Data of first shot
Model: Canon EOS 40D 18-55 IS
Orig. Date Time: 20.10.09 13:39
Orig. Shots in JPG
Exposure time 1/320s
Focal Length 39mm
ISO 100
Orig Size : 24672x3931 (97MPixel)


Sehr schön...
2009/11/27 01:18 , Michael Spoerl
Hi Marco! - Do you have a new monitor??? Or any other new equipment?? - The last two panoramas seem to be much darker than all your previous ones. - Usually I am a great fan of your panos, but I have problems adjusting to your darker ones... :-( - Tanti saluti, dirk
2009/11/27 13:15 , Dirk Becker
Hi Marco, I like it much but I have the same question like Dirk, all the best, Christian
2009/11/27 16:49 , Christian Hönig
hmmm...... I must admit you're quite right :-)
No new monitor, I kept it too dark not to burn the highlights.
Now it should be better.
Please let me know your opinions.
2009/11/27 17:15 , Marco Nipoti
Perhaps you try it with " selective Brighten up" or with a clay/tone correction of value level which you selectively work on with the eraser ? Christian
2009/11/27 18:37 , Christian Hönig
Bellisima panorama. Ciao Gerhard.
2009/11/27 23:27 , Gerhard Eidenberger
Now it is better; I know the trouble of integrating the sun into panoramas and not having overblurred lights. You solved it very well and this panorama is very impressive and with an excellent cut! - Tanti saluti, dirk
2009/11/30 17:41 , Dirk Becker

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Marco Nipoti

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