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1 Pianura Padana
2 Corno Bianco 3320m
3 Monte Rosa 4633m
4 Dom 4545m
5 Weissmies 4017m
6 Monte Leone 3553m
7 Prato della Costa 1418m
8 Camoghe' 2227m
9 Pizzo di Gino 2245m
10 Grigna Meridionale 2184m
11 Grigna Settentrionale 2410m
12 Monte Resegone 1875m
13 Pizzo Cavregasco 2535m
14 Pizzo Rabbi 2452m
15 Pizzo Ledu' 2503m
16 Piz Pombi / Pizzo Forato 2967m
17 Monte Legnone 2609m
18 Pizzo Alto 2512m
19 Zuc di Cam 2192m
20 Pizzo Rotondo 2495m
21 Zuccone Campelli 2159m
22 Pizzo dei Tre Signori 2554m
23 Monte Sodadura 2010m
24 Monte Ponteranica 2378m
25 Monte Sissone 3330m
26 Monte Azzarini 2431m
27 Monte Disgrazia 3678m
28 Monte Venturosa 1999m
29 Pizzo Bernina 4049m
30 Piz Zupo' 3996m
31 Monte Pegherolo 2369m
32 Monte Secco 2293m
33 Monte Toro 2524m
34 Cima Tonale 2544m
35 Corno Stella 2620m
36 Monte Masoni 2663m
37 Monte Spondone 2445m
38 Pizzo del Diavolo di Tenda 2914m
39 Cima di Menna 2300m
40 Pizzo di Redorta 3038m
41 Corna Piana 2302m
42 Pizzo Arera 2512m
43 Pizzo Tre Confini 2824m
44 Cima del Fop 2322m
45 Cima di Grem 2049m
46 Cima della Spada 1978m
47 Monte Alben 2019m
48 Monte Suchello 1541m
49 Monte Frisozzo 2897m
50 Cornone di Blumone 2842m
51 Monte Bruffione 2664m
52 Monte Fra 2158m
53 Monte Muffetto 2060m
54 Colma di Marucolo 1856m
55 Corna Blacca 2005m
56 Monte Guglielmo 1860m
57 Monte Linzone 1392m


Aufnahmestandort: Monte Albenza (1395 m)      Fotografiert von: Stefano Caldera
Gebiet: Bergamasker Alpen      Datum: 23 Jan 2010
23 images
Canon EOS 40D
EF 17-40 F/4 L
F/8, 1/1000, 27mm


Marvelous. What a peak, seeing from such a low altitude to Monte Rosa and so on. LG Robert
24.01.2010 10:25 , Robert Viehl
Wonderful view! Impressing how you integrated the telecommunication facilities into your Panorama. It looks totally natural! One word to the sharpness of your pictures. I am very fond of how you do it, I have never seen a picture from you that was either oversharpend or undersharpend. Cheers Bruno.
24.01.2010 15:43 , Bruno Schlenker
I agree with Bruno, your panos are references in sharpness. This one shows the clouds as we like them, very impressive. LG Christoph
24.01.2010 17:15 , Christoph Hepp
Thank you ;)
25.01.2010 20:01 , Stefano Caldera
One people over the clouds and many million under!
27.01.2010 12:55 , Marco Nipoti

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Stefano Caldera

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