Lagorai, Pale di S.Martino and Vette Feltrine   64664
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1 Cima Cece
2 Cime di Ceremana
3 Colbricon
4 Marmolada
5 il Mulaz
6 Cimon della Pala
7 Cima Folga
8 Pala di San Martino
9 Cima Immink
10 la Fradusta
11 Cima della Madonna
12 Sass Maor
13 Cima Lastei
14 Cima del Coro
15 Croda Granda
16 Sass d'Ortiga
17 Talvena
18 Piz Sagron
19 Piz de Mez
20 Sass de Mura
21 Monte Totoga
22 Vette Feltrine
23 Pavione
24 Vallazza


Location: Col Della Boia (2066 m)      by: Andrea Gasparotto
Area: Dolomiten      Date: 26/11/2006
A wide view from Cima Cece-Lagorai group to Pavione-Vette Feltrine, passing through the Pale di S. Martino group, three very different type of mountain groups in a single image.


Very nice... 
This panorama rocks. Sharpness and stitching are good, colours are ok, maybe a little bit more contrast/darkness will be better...
2006/11/29 08:46 , Michael Brik
Thank you Michael for the comment. I'm trying to learn how to do good panoramas, so any suggestion is welcome!
2006/11/29 08:56 , Andrea Gasparotto
@ Andrea 
You are on the right way ;o). There is a little problem with the vignetting and some brightness differences (in the morning i saw this pano with a smaller notebook-screen). This is a prob with the lens of your cam and your exposure-settings. To eleminate the vignetting, try a software like PTlens. Another tipp: pay attention for the exposure and white-balance. ALL pics MUST have the same exposure and same white-balance. This is very important for a linear and equal brightness....
What kind of cam and stitching-program you are using ??
2006/11/29 10:14 , Michael Brik
Thanks! the problem is that I'm using a compact digital camera (Casio QV-R40), the settings for having good uniformity of the various shots are not so easy to control and the quality of the originals is not so high. I did a lot of post-production with Pshop, both before and after stitching, the starting point was much worse than the final results!
2006/11/29 10:36 , Andrea Gasparotto
Image Modified 
I have slightly darkened the image following the above comment of Michael.
2006/11/29 11:01 , Andrea Gasparotto
Maybe too much ;-)... 
The problem is, the more darken the pano, the more probs with the unequal brightness (in the sky). If you want, you can send me the original pics by mail and i will test them with different stitching-programs and i look for an easy workflow...
2006/11/29 11:16 , Michael Brik

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Andrea Gasparotto

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