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1 M.Generoso 1701m
2 Capolago
3 Riva S.Vitale
4 M.S.Giorgio 1097m
5 d'Arzo 1015m
6 M.Orsa 998m
7 Varese
8 Porto Ceresio
9 C.dei Fiori 1226m
10 Morcote
11 Lago di Lugano 271m
12 M.Arbostora 822m
13 M.Piambello 1129m
14 Melide
15 Carona
16 M.Nudo 1325m
17 Bianco 3320m
18 P.te Tresa
19 M.Pian Nave 1058m
20 M.Rosa 4633m
21 Alphubel 4206m
22 Mischabel 4545m
23 Lago Maggiore
24 Weissmies 4027m
25 M.S.Salvatore 912m
26 Lagginhorn 4010m
27 Fletschhorn 3993m
28 Gridone 2187m
29 M.Lema 1621m
30 di Brena 1654m
31 M.Magno 1636m
32 Agno Airport
33 Lugano
34 M.Gradiccioli 1936m
35 M.Tamaro 1962m
36 M.Zucchero 2736m
37 d'Alnasca 2301m
38 M.Ceneri 554m
39 P.zo di Vogorno 2442m
40 Madone 2385m
41 di Piotta 2439m
42'Uomo 2390m
43 M.Bre' 790m
44 Gaggio 2267m
45 Caval Drossa 1632m
46 Rheinwaldhorn 3402m
47 M.Bar 1820m
48 P.zo di Claro 2720m
49 M.Boglia 1516m
50 Camoghe' 2227m
51 M.Garzirola 2075m
52 M.Stabbiello 2116m
53 Fojorina 1809m
54 P.zo di Gino 2245m
55 C.Pianchette 2158m


Aufnahmestandort: Sighignola (1321 m)      Fotografiert von: Marco Nipoti
Gebiet: Tessiner und Misoxer Alpen      Datum: 06.03.2010
...augmented reality.
Or, better, diminished reality.
Probably some of you will realize that something is missing in this picture.


It is the horrible concrete station of the never realized cableway from Campione d'Italia to Sighignola.
This eco-monster has been offending the sight from this great point of view since 40 years, but it's still here.
See also
Ladies and Gentlemen, I'm sorry to inform you that this is Italy: beatiful places side by side to similar rubbish :-(
So I shot this panorama from two different points of view on the terrace from the top, and after I joined them without including the station (too big even for clone stamp).

46 Portrait Shots.
300° sight
Canon EOS 40D 17-40L
Date: 05.03.10 10.14
Orig. Shots in RAW
Exposure 1/500s
Focal Lenght 51mm
ISO 100


Dear Marco, you have earned yourself the merit of Italy by eliminating the end station of the projected cable railway in this picture. Hopefully some politician with influence sees your Panorama and gets the removal going. Greetings Bruno.
26.03.2010 18:10 , Bruno Schlenker
Generoso and Lugano - a panorama of full contrasts.
30.03.2010 00:56 , Heinz Höra
you have make a nice panorama of your landscape very good I like it!!!
31.03.2010 01:39 , Adi Geisegger

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Marco Nipoti

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