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1 Pic Sans Nom 3913 m
2 Mont Pelvoux 3946 m
3 Barre des Écrins 4102 m
4 Grand Pic de la Meije 3983 m
5 Pic de l'Étendard 3464 m
6 Mont Blanc 4807 m
7 Bric Bouchet 2997m
8 Tête de Pelvas 2929m
9 Monte Viso 3841 m
10 Pic de la Font-Sancte 3385


Location: Pic de Rochebrune, Queyras (3325 m)      by: Andrea Rolando
Area: Dauphiné Alpen      Date:
A 360° panorama from the top of Pic the Rochebrune, offering a unique view of Queyras and Briançonnais, with the Ecrins in the background.


once again a pretty good panorama with good visibility. The date and some more details would be quite interesting. How difficult is the summit to go? Once again the compass doesn't fit: the Massiv des Écrins is not in the south-west or Monte Viso must be somehow in the south-east. Best regards Alexander
2010/07/15 19:11 , Alexander Von Mackensen
Thank you again Alexander!
As I previously wrote (Rocciamelone) I had some troubles at setting the orientation. I'll check it out as soon as possible, and I should be able to find the shooting date.
The climb up the Pic de Rochebrune is rated F+, that means you may have to use your hands in some easy sections. I didn't find it difficult, nevertheless don't underestimate this summit on foggy days or at the beginning of the season when ice and snow may still cover the path.
2010/07/15 21:18 , Andrea Rolando
stupenda visione...
Ma in che data hai effettuato la panoramica? Ciao Gianluca.
2010/07/15 21:57 , Gianluca Moroni
I've gone to Queyras many times, so it's a pleasure for me to see a panoramic from the imposing Rochebrune, where we can see all the Queyras and much more.
2011/02/01 21:58 , sudrak

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Andrea Rolando

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