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Aufnahmestandort: Lyskamm, western summit (4481 m)      Fotografiert von: Andrea Rolando
Gebiet: Walliser Alpen      Datum: 18/7/2010
A 360° panorama from the western summit of the Lyskamm ridge (4481 m) on a clear, windy morning.

Lying on the border between Switzerland and Italy, this chain consists of a 5km-long ridge with two distinct peaks.
The northern face of the mountain is an impressive 1100m-high ice-covered wall, rising up from the Gorner Glacier, whilst the southern face rises only a few hundred metres above the glacier below.
Over the decades many difficult route have been exploited, on both the Italian and Swiss sides. The normal route starts from the Lysjoch, which can be accessed from the Gnifetti Hut (3650m) or from the Monte Rosa Hut (2795m).
The mountain is often climbed as a traverse from the Feliksjoch (West), to the Lysjoch (East) or vice versa. The traverse consists mostly of a narrow, snow-covered ridge, which in good conditions is considered pretty easy and safe. Nevertheless, in bad snow conditions the ridge can be challenging because of large and fragile cornices, so that this mountain has gained its scaring nickname of Menschenfresser (man eater).

The panorama is really impressive, stretching over the whole western half of the Alps.


26.07.2010 18:25 , Michael Bodenstedt
Maybe the horizon is not perfectly straight, great picture anyway. Interesting how a little snowfall can change the Matterhorn appearance (see #10774, taken only one week later)
26.07.2010 18:56 , Stefano Caldera
great panorama with best conditions and visibility. Congratulation to that difficult summit. Unfortunately the horizon at the right is increasing considerably, this is easy to correct - and **** are sure. Best regards Alexander
26.07.2010 19:38 , Alexander Von Mackensen

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Andrea Rolando

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