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1 Klosterwappen 2076 m (174 km)
2 Raxplateau (Heukuppe 2007m) (186km)
3 Unterberg 1342m (156km)
4 Amaisbichl 1828m (184km)
5 Windberg (Schneealm) 1903m (187km)
6 Donnerwand 1799m (186km)
7 Schwarzauer Gippel 1605m
8 Gippel 1669m (178km)
9 Hochstaff 1305m
10 Reisalpe 1399m (159km)
11 Göller 1766m (181km)
12 Muckenkogel 1248m
13 Hochschwab 2277m (211km)
14 Hochwart 2210 m (212.5 km)
15 Ötscher 1893 m (186 km)
16 Dürrenstein 1878 m (200 km)


Aufnahmestandort: Brno (400 m)      Fotografiert von: Martin Pazdera
Gebiet: Rax - Schneeberggruppe      Datum: 13.11. 2010


Dear Martin
I already liked your first panorama from this spot. It is still (of course...) a terrific view and your technique improved a lot.
warmest regards from Innsbruck, Christoph
14.11.2010 16:00 , Christoph Seger
Thanks a lot, Christoph!
2008 pano was made with a pure compact digital Panasonic TZ3, this one is already with Canon 550D + 70-200/2.8, thus the difference in quality.
I only wonder at those few new tips of some mountains between Ötscher and 5 windmills. I can't see them on the older pano although the visibility was similarly perfect in both cases.
14.11.2010 17:37 , Martin Pazdera
This is extraordinary! That some mountain tips cannot always be seen may be due to different refraction values. What appears between Ötscher and Göller, behind the Türnitzer Alpen must be some Hochschwab summits.
Best regards Wilfried
14.11.2010 18:06 , Wilfried Malz
like your previous, this is an extraordinary sight from the East alps. I really enjoy it.
Are you sure the top right of Ötscher is Dürrenstein? Looking to the map
Dürrenstein should be almost behind Ötscher and probably not visible.
14.11.2010 18:47 , Mentor Depret
I think it must be Dürrenstein. It's not directly behind Ötscher, it's slightly to the right from Ötscher when looking from Brno. There's a little angle difference. Altitudes and the distance between these two mountains together with the rounding of the Earth correspond to what we see here.
By the way, I agree with Wilfried and his opinion about Hochschwab. Again, when I compare directions, distance from Brno and altitude, it can't be anything else than Hochschwab. That would make 211 km from the point where I stood, if we are right :)
14.11.2010 19:29 , Martin Pazdera
For better idea here are few other pictures from yeasterday: http://sld.rajce.idnes.cz/10-11-13-so
14.11.2010 22:48 , Martin Pazdera
Great view!
15.11.2010 09:12 , Peter Brandt
I agree, Dürrenstein is indeed slightly to right of Ötscher from your point of view. Anyway it shows the amazing effect at big distances due to the curvature that Ötscher still looks so high compared to Dürrenstein while the first is only 15 m higher and only 14 km nearer .
What tele lens did you use for this pano; I suppose picture IMG8821 is the real view (50mm)? thanks.
21.11.2010 14:45 , Mentor Depret
I would add one more fact about this. When you observe two mountains of approximately the same height from lower situated place, like in this case, then the nearer one always seems to be higher.
For this pano I used Canon 70 - 200 mm (200 mm in this case), F2.8 USM. Picture 8821 is made with 28 mm lens, so with crop factor 1.6 it makes 45 mm.
22.11.2010 02:18 , Martin Pazdera

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