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1 Appennino
2 Pizzo di Levico
3 Spitz di Tonezza
4 Monte Toraro
5 Panarotta
6 Bassa Panarotta
7 Pasubio
8 Cornetto di Folgaria
9 Becco di Filadonna
10 Monte Baldo
11 Vigolana
12 Malga Montagna Granda
13 Altissimo di Nago
14 Stivo
15 Marzola
16 Bondone, Tre Cime
17 Le Viote
18 Bondone, Palon
19 Blumone
20 Oscivart Anticima
21 Carè Alto
22 Cima Tosa
23 Paganella
24 Presanella
25 Cima Brenta


Aufnahmestandort: Oscivart (2240 m)      Fotografiert von: Pedrotti Alberto
Gebiet: Fleimstaler Alpen      Datum: 09-02-2011
This image does not have particular photographic pretensions; it only tries to suggest the pleasure of being there, and to have a whole mountain for you alone.
I do not know whether the thin line occupying the left end of the visible horizon is really the Appennino, or only clouds above it.
I try to load the scaled image as it is, without passing it through the horrible sharpening filters... how will the experiment go?


So if this is after-work skiing: when do you work ??
10.02.2011 20:16 , Christoph Seger
I have tried also the sequence ski+work+ski... You can check this starting from photo
10.02.2011 22:00 , Pedrotti Alberto
Like it! 
13.01.2012 20:29 , Christian Hönig

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Pedrotti Alberto

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