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1 Levanna Centrale
2 Monviso
3 Uja di Ciamarella 3676 m
4 Albaron
5 Grivola
6 Gran Paradiso 4061 m
7 Lago di Ceresole


Location: Levanna Occidentale (3593 m)      by: Andrea Rolando
Area: Grajische Alpen      Date: 1/05/2011
Levanna Occidentale is an eye-catching summit standing at the heart of the Graian Alps, on the border between Italy's Parco Nazionale del Gran Paradiso and Parc National de la Vanoise on the French side.
It fiercely dominates the Valle dell'Orco and the upper Vallée de l'Arc, and is an outstanding lookout over a number of high summits, including Gran Paradiso, Grivola, Albaron, Ciamarella and many others over 3600 m.
Levanna Occidentale is an ambitious and rewarding ski-touring destination: the normal route usually takes a two-days walk from Bonneval to Refuge du Carro and then to the top.


Very impressive presentation, in particular colours. Greetings HJ
2011/05/02 23:55 , Hans-Jürgen Bayer
Very interesting to see this place in deep snow. Is the point where all the people are standing the ski depot? Cheers, Martin
2012/08/17 17:44 , Martin Kraus
Sorry for the late answer Martin, I missed your comment.
Yes, the final ridge is easy but it is usually climbed on foot, leaving the skis where you can see the people gathered in the panorama...
2012/08/30 20:14 , Andrea Rolando

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Andrea Rolando

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