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1 Monte Toro 2524m
2 Monte Canale 2522m
3 Monte Cadelle 2483m
4 Cima Vallocci 2510m
5 Monte Seleron 2519m
6 Monte Azzarini 2431m
7 Pizzo dei Tre Signori 2554m
8 Corni d'Airale 2845m
9 Pizzo Cassandra 3226m
10 Monte Disgrazia 3678m
11 Sella di Pioda
12 Monte Pioda 3431m
13 Cime di Chiareggio 3107m
14 Punta Baroni 3204m
15 Monte Sissone 3330m
16 Torrone Occidentale 3351m
17 Cima di Rosso 3366m
18 Ciam di Vazzeda 3301m
19 Cima di Cantone 3354m
20 Monte Rosso 3088m
21 Pizzo Casnile 3189m
22 Piz Fora 3363m
23 Sassa d'Entova 3331m
24 Pizzo Malenco 3438m
25 Ex Rifugio Scerscen
26 Piz Glüschaint 3594m
27 Cima Sondrio 3586m
28 La Sella 3584m
29 La SElla 3564m
30 I Gemelli 3501m
31 Piz Sella 3506m
32 Piz Roseg 3937m
33 Piz Scerscen 3971m
34 Pizzo Bernina 4049m
35 Rifugio Marco e Rosa
36 Crast'Agüzza 3854m
37 Piz Argient 3946m
38 Pizzo Zupo 3996m
39 Piz Palü 3900m
40 Sasso Rosso 3482m
41 Piz Varuna 3453m
42 Cime di Musella 3136m
43 Corno dei Tre Signori 3360m
44 Monte delle Forbici 2910m
45 Sasso Moro 3108m
46 Monte Adamello 3539m
47 Piz Cancian 3103m
48 Pizzo Scalino 3323m
49 Punta Painale 3248m
50 Alpe Acquanera
51 Vetta di Ron 3137m
52 Cime di Rognedo 2926m
53 Pizzo dei Diavolo di Malgina 2926m
54 Corno Mara 2807m
55 Pizzo di Coca 3050m
56 Pizzo di Redorta 3038m
57 Monte Palino 2686m
58 Sondrio
59 Monte Masoni 2663m
60 Corno Stella 2620m


Location: Sasso Nero (2917 m)      by: Stefano Caldera
Area: Bernina Alpen      Date: 2 Jul 2011
The Sasso Nero shares with Monte delle Forbici (#6905) the title of Best Balcone on the south Bernina

23 images
Canon EOS 7D
EF 17-40 F/4 L
22mm, 1/800s, F/8


beautiful mountains - fantastic clouds!!
2011/07/04 20:31 , Michael Strasser
it's a pleasure to admire the mountains and your work! Peter
2011/07/04 22:01 , P J
2011/07/05 21:21 , Sieber Toni
Herrliche Wolken ... bei den Bergen aber kein Vergleich mit dem, was man von Norden aus sieht. So ähnlich ist es ja auch mit dem Matterhorn. Woran mag das wohl liegen?
2011/07/05 22:37 , Heinz Höra
@Heinz (sorry for the english but I don't speak german): far from me to be a geologist, but I can suggest two discussion topics. The first regards the emotions we feel when we see the mountains: obviously the northern sides are generally better because they present glaciers (just try to guess how this side looked a hundred years ago, when the Scerscen valley was completely covered by ice). The other reason maybe is due to the orogenesis: since the Alps were formed by the collision from south to north, I think the southern sides are (generally) smoother than the northern (think about Matterhorn, Badile, Eiger, ..). But this is not always true, just think at the Marmolada, where the south-west side is sooo much better than the northern.
2011/07/06 20:00 , Stefano Caldera
very fine!
Cheers, Danko.
2011/07/06 23:15 , Danko Rihter
Stefano, thanks for the explanations. That corresponds exactly to the thoughts, which were the basis for my question. It excuses that I had formulated this question into German.
2011/07/11 00:28 , Heinz Höra

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Stefano Caldera

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