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1 Grossvenediger
2 Sasso delle Dieci (Puez)
3 Cima Bocche
4 Gran Vernel
5 Iuribrutto
6 Cima Cece
7 Marmolada
8 Croda Rossa d'Ampezzo
9 Cima Valon
10 Tofana III
11 Tofana di Rozes
12 Coston dei Slavazi
13 Bragarolo
14 Cristallo
15 Ceremana
16 Lavaredo
17 Mulaz
18 Cima Valcigolera
19 Croda dei Toni (Cima 12)
20 Bureloni
21 Cimon della Pala
22 Civetta
23 Antelao
24 Cima delle Sasse
25 Rosetta
26 Moiazza
27 Pala di San Martino
28 Agner
29 Fradusta
30 Cima Canali
31 Scanaiol
32 Sass Maor
33 Croda Granda
34 Sass d'Ortiga
35 Cimerlo
36 Duranno
37 Pala della Madonna
38 Talvena
39 Jof di Montasio
40 Cima d'Oltro
41 Cima Folga
42 Jalovec
43 Skrlatica (Triglav group)
44 Razor
45 Canin
46 Schiara
47 Col Nudo
48 Passo Cereda
49 Krn (160 km)
50 Teverone
51 Messer
52 Pizzo di Sagron
53 Piz de Mezo
54 Sass de Mura
55 Cavallo (Alpago)
56 Pizzocco
57 Tre Pietre
58 Sasso Scarnia
59 Sneznik (230 km)
60 Laguna di Grado
61 Ucka (close to Rijeka)
62 Pavione
63 Mare Adriatico
64 Vallazza
65 Istria


Aufnahmestandort: Cima d'Asta (2847 m)      Fotografiert von: Pedrotti Alberto
Gebiet: Fleimstaler Alpen      Datum: 02-10-2011
In the weekend I made the experiment to pack 2.9 kg of Nikon gear and 2.3 kg of Manfrotto tripod (a 190 model which should be very old, I argue, since I used it in the early 1990s...) on the bicycle and to go for Cimadasta, the summit that stands north of my valley, surrounded by the half-circle of the Lagorai group.

I slept few meters below the summit in the Bivacco Cavinato, tying to make the most of the Manfrotto load. I was lucky to have with me a sleeping bag, since the old blankets that used to be there had been removed one week before by the team who had installed a brand new cross on the top.

Short before sunrise I shot this series of eight photos, 70mm (x1.5), 2 sec, f/18, each one bracketed with +/-1 EV. Now I used it to try out Hugin's fusion capabilities, with the result shown here. To be honest, I wanted also to compare Hugin with Ptgui but - surprisingly enough - the latter (version 9.1) was able to spot only a little handful of control points. Likewise miserable were my first trials with Lightroom and Photoshop, which clearly deserve a much more patient learning, such that at the end I turned to the old companion Gimp. I am not in despair, however - if the autumn goes on this way, I should have some other learning opportunities!

Larger: https://bit.ly/2zY8Jhx
Position: 46.1767 11.6054


Sagenhaft schön.
05.10.2011 05:23 , Thomas Janeck
senza fiato 
ciao, Alvise

PS avevo lasciato il commento prima di aver visto il tuo album in Picasa. Adesso sono VERAMENTE senza fiato. Credo che essere lì, a quell'ora, in quelle circostanze, procuri emozioni che non si possono descrivere a parole.
05.10.2011 07:05 , Alvise Bonaldo
what more do you want to learn? Wonderful colours and this noiseless a pano although reduced for the web ... good work!!!!
05.10.2011 08:02 , Uta Philipp
I hate you!! 
I'm crazy with my envy!
05.10.2011 11:51 , Andrea Gasparotto
Crazy good! Venediger and Venedig.
05.10.2011 15:47 , Peter Brandt
what an exciting story....
05.10.2011 17:31 , Michael Strasser
05.10.2011 21:40 , Beatrice Zanon
A wonderful and perfectly made panoramic. Greetings Bruno.
06.10.2011 16:53 , Bruno Schlenker
Bellissimo! Ciao.
06.10.2011 18:24 , Giuseppe Marzulli
An absolutely TOP pano. Thank you for the detailed technical description. Helps a lot !!
kind regards Christoph
06.10.2011 23:34 , Christoph Seger
Thanks to everybody for the appreciation!
I have left the description somewhat essential; I will be more precise if and when I will be able to supply a proper version of n. 14925.
If anybody is interested in this mountain group, four years ago I wrote (in Italian) a sort of topo-photographic survey of Cimadasta: http://forum.thetop.it/viewtopic.php?t=2154
07.10.2011 00:42 , Pedrotti Alberto
Troppo bella!!! Complimenti
10.09.2012 22:38 , Massimo Corriani
Linked in the new panoramic I discovered this one.
Fantastic, espacially the view across the Adriatic.
23.01.2017 13:13 , Arne Rönsch
Arne: I saw today your comment.
It made me curious, so I opened the rightmost image of the panorama and I exaggerated the Adriatic therein. The result is goo.gl/ST9GBC
You should recognize also your Slavnik inside...
The corresponding rendering is goo.gl/sTQUEJ

Some time ago I had done a similar work with an excerpt from
The result is goo.gl/k0Ogc7 where one can single out many Appenninic shapes.

Cheers, Alberto.
27.01.2017 01:18 , Pedrotti Alberto
It was the Slavnik (or at least its surroundings), that made me "hot", when I saw this panoramic, Alberto. Thank you!
27.01.2017 08:44 , Arne Rönsch

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Pedrotti Alberto

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