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1 Toblacher Pfannhorn
2 Innichner Eck
3 Picco di Vallandro
4 Sarlkofel
5 Toblach


Location: Kandellen (1600 m)      by: Alvise Bonaldo
Area: Dolomiten      Date: 20.8.2011
Waiting for the snow... let's remember summer!


... very nice picture! It remembers me of our holiday in Moos/Sexten this July. We also made a trip to the Toblacher Pfannhorn and started exactly the same place. Unfortunately we had very bad weather and came back to Kandellen very wet because of heavy rain ;-)

Have a nice evening!

Best regards,
2011/10/31 19:44 , Kathrin Teubl

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Alvise Bonaldo

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