Panoramica a 360° dal Tgant Son Martegn   123275
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1 Piz Arblatsch 3203m
2 Piz Grisch 3060m
3 Piz Curver 2972m
4 Piz Toissa 2656m
5 Piz Beverin 2997m
6 Piz Todi 3614m
7 Piz Mitgel 3159m
8 Corn da Tinizong 3172m
9 Piz d'Ela 3338m
10 Pizza Grossa 2938m
11 Piz Bleis Marscha 3128m
12 Piz Laviner 3137m
13 Piz d'Err 3378m


Location: Tgant Son Martegn (2550 m)      by: Giovanni Rovedatti
Area: Albula Alpen      Date: 12-02-2012 h. 14,00
Con Nikon D80, obiettivo Nikon 18-55 mm f.3,5-f.5,6, focale 27mm, diaframma 8, tempo 1/250, ISO 100, 20 immagini verticali da RAW a JPG.
La nostra gita con la traccia GPS e con altre fotografie, a chi interessa la può trovare caricando questo link:

Mentre quì è possibile visualizzare l'itinerario da noi seguito:


Awesome athmosphere... unfortunately the horizon appears to be not level...
Regards, Wolfgang
2012/02/18 22:31 , Wolfgang Pessentheiner
Hi Wolfgang - did you hit the wrong button, or do you really mean this rating??? Maybe Giovanni could reload if you want to change the rating. LG Jan.
2012/02/18 22:54 , Jan Lindgaard Rasmussen
Zero stars for the horizon in a pano where it is barely presumable? With your criteria, the 99% of panos here would get zero stars
2012/02/18 23:06 , Stefano Caldera
What's wrong with the horizon? 
I never understood why all panos get four stars, however bad or boring they may be. In this case I don't understand why one gives zero stars.
2012/02/18 23:43 , Matthias Knapp
Ich unterstelle mal, dass Wolfgang daneben geklickt hat ... Es gibt hier VIELE Bilder, die definitiv schlechter sind und dennoch mit reichlich Sternderln gesegnet werden. Das Problem mit dem Horizont erkenne ich sowieso nicht.
Herzlichen Gruß
2012/02/19 09:13 , Michael Bodenstedt
I agree with Michael, Matthias and Stefano. I checked the horizon with udeuschle - there is MAYBE a slight rising around Piz Ablatsch but it is not dramatical and can be corrected easily. I cordally ask Wolfgang to step forward and comment on his vote in more detail.
kind regards Christoph
2012/02/19 09:29 , Christoph Seger
Der Schein trügt? 
Der Horizont vor dem Piz Mitgel scheint etwas schräg zu sein, habe jedoch vom Standort aus keine Kontrolle gemacht. Ein Tolles Panorama, da schliesse ich mich gerne Michael an.
2012/02/19 09:41 , Thomas Büchel
I really don't understand and bother all those photographers who are utterly focused on technical issues like resolution, pixel sharpness or horizon curvature, and don't appreciate the emotional and inspiring content of a picture like this one.
2012/02/19 10:37 , Andrea Rolando
I really did not mean to rate zero stars!!!
I wanted to click on "rate later".
Maybe you want to reload this image.
Also sorry if I'm wrong about the horizon.
2012/02/19 13:11 , Wolfgang Pessentheiner
Bellissimo e "autenticamente scialpinistico", direi.
Io personalmente avrei spezzato i 360 ad esempio a qualche forcella a dx del Corn da Tinizong, in modo da da lasciare intatto il centro emozionale del sole sopra le nebbie, ma lo dico tanto per dire qualcosa.
Colpo di culo del tutto inatteso poi quello del commento a zero stelle, che fa di sicuro piú audience di uno scontato a quattro!
2012/02/19 14:42 , Pedrotti Alberto
Reloaded! @Wolfgang: don't worry, it could easily happen. Ciao Giò
2012/02/19 16:01 , Giovanni Rovedatti
Nice and with much atmosphere. Cheers Bruno.
2012/02/19 17:12 , Bruno Schlenker

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Giovanni Rovedatti

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